Collingwood Lighting TR2818

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Janus Technology
Version: 307
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New coloured lighting driver available for OS3.3.0!


The Collingwood TR2818 Wifi-to-RF transmitter is designed to provide easy control of up to 8 zones of RGB, RGBW or CT (colour temperature) lighting.

Using this with the C100924 RGB & RGBW controller removes the need for complicated DMX systems, with multi-zone colour change easily achievable.

This driver suite brings compatibility for these systems into Control4, with built-in support for the zone-learning setup process, scene save & recall functionality, and custom commands allowing for 10 unique run modes.

If your Control4 system is running OS3.3.0+, this suite introduces native colour control for your lighting fixtures, from any Control4 UI; this not only introduces intuitive control of your fixtures, but also allows the creation of colour presets for quick and easy colour changes.



What’s New?

v303 – 15th March 2023

  • Added support for 'Brightness On Mode' and 'Color On Mode' options introduced in OS3.3.2
  • Allow selection of the driver by the Daylight agent, if in CCT mode

v300 – 23rd June 2022

  • Created new OS3.3+ coloured lighting driver for RGB, RGBW and CCT fixtures.
  • Added Top, Bottom, Toggle button links.




This driver suite was developed and tested with the TR2818 Wifi-to-RF controller, used in conjunction with the C100924 RGB & RGBW controller.

The hardware can be purchased from the Collingwood Lighting website using the links below.



Colour Wheel

This driver has full compatibility with Colour Wheel - the spectacular webview driver that allows intuitive control of your RGB, RGBW and tunable white fixtures through a full visual colour wheel, from any T3/T4 touchscreen, or the android/iOS app.


Driver Download (, 2,147 Kb) [Download]


Control4 Collingwood RGB/RGBW/CT drivers

Version v307
Date 18-07-2023

- N/A

- Fixed control from the Daylight agent
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v306 Date 26-06-2023 ENHANCEMENTS - N/A BUG FIXES - Spaced out commands to reduce data loss ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v303 Date 15-03-2023 ENHANCEMENTS - Added support for 'Brightness On Mode' and 'Color On Mode' options introduced in OS3.3.2 - Allow selection of the driver by the Daylight agent, if in CCT mode BUG FIXES - White channel on RGBW fixtures is now switched off if the light is turned off from scenes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v302 Date 16-12-2022 ENHANCEMENTS - Old coloured light dimmer driver named as legacy BUG FIXES - Fixed colour control for RGBW fixtures - Light drivers set to Online when bound to a new TR2818 controller ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v301 Date 28-09-2022 ENHANCEMENTS - N/A BUG FIXES - Fixed startup bug in v300 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v300 Date 23-06-2022 ENHANCEMENTS - Added OS3.3.0 coloured light driver variant - Added Top/Bottom/Toggle button connections BUG FIXES - N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v200 Date 08-02-2021 ENHANCEMENTS - Changed to use DriverCentral licensing BUG FIXES - N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v106 Date 26-02-2020 ENHANCEMENTS - Added current colour feedback to Colour Wheel BUG FIXES - Fixed bug where you could not control multiple lights at once from Colour Wheel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v105 Date 18-11-2019 ENHANCEMENTS - N/A BUG FIXES - Fixed bug where controller would not reconnect on director reboot ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v103 Date 24-05-2019 ENHANCEMENTS - Implemented colour selector command BUG FIXES - Fixed collingwood device property for OS3.0.0 - N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v102 Date 18-03-2019 ENHANCEMENTS - N/A BUG FIXES - Selected Collingwood device now persisted through power cycle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v101 Date 25-02-2019 ENHANCEMENTS - Added custom commands for run modes BUG FIXES - N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v100 Date 17-01-2019 ENHANCEMENTS - Added custom commands for setting colour levels - Increased demo time to 2 hours BUG FIXES - Fixed bug causing white warmth commands to not send - Fixed bug where warmth levels were being scaled incorrectly ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v037 Date 14-01-2019 ENHANCEMENTS - Updated documentation BUG FIXES - N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v036 Date 18-10-2018 ENHANCEMENTS - Implemented custom commands to set/recall scenes BUG FIXES - N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v033 Date 22-10-2018 ENHANCEMENTS - Changed expected proxy order and renamed proxies appropriately BUG FIXES - N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v030 Date 18-10-2018 ENHANCEMENTS - Added warm white (colour temperature) driver BUG FIXES - N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v029 Date 01-10-2018 ENHANCEMENTS - Added learning action - Added ability to store a brightness of 0 in a scene BUG FIXES - N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version v010 Date 21-09-2018 ENHANCEMENTS - Initial version BUG FIXES - N/A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------