KNX Weather Station

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30 days
Version: 24042201
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This Control4 driver is designed to seamlessly integrate KNX weather station functionalities into Control4 smart home system. This innovative driver offers an enhanced level of automation and control, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate weather data from KNX weather station into Control4 ecosystem.


With the integration of KNX weather station capabilities, you can now harness real-time weather information to optimize various aspects of smart home environment. Whether you're looking to automate variables monitoring, trigger actions based on weather conditions, or simply stay informed about local weather patterns, this driver empowers you to do so with ease.



  • Autoconfiguration: Select your device brand and model from the driver database, and the driver adapts to it, making setup very simple. A "Generic" option is also available to select only the functions you want to use.
  • Events Triggering: Program actions based on variable changes, enhancing automation possibilities.
  • Conditional Evaluation: Analyze Weather Station variable values and define actions based on conditions – a "must" for tailored programming.
  • Variables in Composer Pro: Access driver variables for versatile programming or display the information in the UI using the Custom Info Display driver (the driver generates a Template for fast configuration of the Custom Info Display driver).
  • Dynamic Setup: To avoid exposing a lot of properties and functions, the driver was designed to dynamically show (and hide) properties and functions relevant to the desired needs.




- It is quite difficult to cover all the market KNX weather station devices' functionality. That's why we focused primarily on the most common functions first, with the possibility of expanding functionality in the future depending on the common requests.

- The Brand and Model database could be expanded in the future based on the most common devices requested by the Dealers. 


More information, examples and important info is provided on driver documentation.


Our drivers have 10 days of trial, allowing dealers to test the features of any driver before purchasing it. The trial automatically begins when a driver is installed in a project.
Showroom License:
We enable all the Showroom projects to have unlimited access to the drivers. 
About Us:
Special thanks to MDT Technologies and Fatima Poblador (MDT Sales Director of Spain, Portugal, and LATAM). Their provision of the MDT weather station not only allowed us to conduct rigorous testing to ensure seamless performance but also facilitated the creation of a product database built in the driver, streamlining configuration for MDT installers. This significantly reduces setup time and effort.

240411xx - Initial Release

240411xx - Improved decimal separator interpretation in float values independently of the locale