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Version: 23090902
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Like you already know, Control4 has an icon-based user experience. That is pretty good in most cases, but sometimes we need to be able to display information in text format or be able to concentrate several pieces of information in one page, like a resume page. This webview driver was created to fill that gap. 



  • The driver provides the ability to create from 1 to 6 boxes.
  • Each box has a custom title, and you can configure from 0 to 3 buttons to trigger Control4 actions.
  • Each title can contain real time variables of the system that dynamically change the text to be displayed. 
  • Each button can contain text or an icon from the driver database. 
  • The driver grabs all the wallpapers of the project, and can be selected to be displayed as a background image on the page to improve the user experience.
  • The icon of the driver can be changed. 
  • The driver provides backup export/import of the driver configuration (not the programming part), useful if the driver must be re added or create a copy. 



  • T3/T4: Require OS 3.1.3+
  • iOS and Android: Require OS 3.2+
  • OS 3.3.0+ is recommended




A new efficient method for quickly locating variables was introduced, eliminating the need to leave the driver page.




More information, examples and important info is provided on driver documentation. You must read it completely. 


Our drivers have 10 days of trial, allowing dealers to test the features of any driver before purchasing it. The trial automatically begins when a driver is installed in a project.
Showroom License:
We enable all the Showroom licenses to have unlimited access to the drivers. 

22101202 - Initial Release

22101701 - Improved black background

22102001Fixed iOS button icons not loading

22102102 - Fixed iOS wallpaper image not loading

22102103 - Added more UI icons

22111904 - Changed driver default with variable example, improve documentation, added more buttons icons, remove debug on timer, some other minor improvements.

23082301 - Added an improvement for boolean variables. Now they are displayed as "True" or "False" rather than "1" or "0". 

23090902 - A new efficient method for quickly locating variables was introduced, eliminating the need to leave the driver page.