HunterDouglas PowerView

Version: 1026

Official API Local Homes

OS 2.10 OS 3


The HunterDouglas PowerView driver for Control4 gives you the ability to easily interact with your PowerView hub. We have included an intuitive setup process that allows you to take full advantage of all of the features on your PowerView shades. The setup allows you to control if you would like to display every individual shade position, i.e. MainShade, Louver/Van, Blackout or you may display just the main shade movement and operate the secondary positions through scenes. Scenes are able to be linked programmatically and are displayed in navigator via experience buttons. The experience buttons will automatically match the color of the scene selected within the HunterDouglas Powerview app.


Note: Gen 1 and Gen2 PowerView Hubs.  For PowerView Gen3 click here



  • SDDP for 2nd Gen Hub
  • Generation 1 & 2 Hub Support
  • Individual Shade Control
  • Scene Control
  • Discrete Positioning and Stop
  • Combine Multi Position Shades
  • Battery Status
  • Auto Renaming
  • Quick Setup
  • Driver Add Driver


Compatible Hardware

Gen.2 & Gen.1 PowerView Hubs


Compatible Control4 Systems
This driver is compatible with Control4 2.10+


Driver License Activation
This driver is provided free of charge by Hunter Douglas Inc.  

Driver is provided by Cinegration Development LLC.  All rights reserved.

Driver Download (20220728) (, 12,897 Kb) [Download]

Driver Download (Legacy 1026) (, 1,004 Kb) [Download]

How to use SDDP/Driver Add Driver (Cindev_-_WP_035_-_PowerView_-_How_to_use_SDDP.pdf, 45 Kb) [Download]

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Attention Installers.  

  If upgrading a customers project from 1026 or older we recommend deleting existing drivers and re-installing using Driver Add Driver.  The new drivers connect differently and older homes may have shade drivers that do not work unless properly re-setup.  Read Cindev White Paper 35 How to use SDDP/Driver Add Driver with PowerView for more information.


Installers Guide

Access the full installers guide that includes driver setup instructions as well as driver feature details here:





Warranty and Disclaimer
For a full description of terms and conditions pertaining to Cinegration Development's drivers please visit

  • 20220728
    • Improved group shade controls
    • Added/updated scene driver to support icons + colors from PowerView App
  • 20211212 (Update from 1026 -> 20211212)
    • Added support for stop
    • Added better two-feedback from shades
    • Support for different slider movements
    • Auto configuration of shade proxy including icons, states and movement styles
    • Add Shades feature (will automatically add and configure all shades found on PowerView into Control4)
    • Auto Add Scenes (when a customer creates a new scene in PowerView App, Control4 automatically adds and programs icon into proper room)
    • Auto Renaming of shades based on PowerView app
    • Auto color selection of scenes based on PowerView app
    • Trigger any scene in Composer Programming (simple action)
    • Better icons for Scenes driver


(Previous Versions - Legacy)

  • 1001 (1.26.2018)
    • Initial Release
  • 1002 (2.20.2018)
    • Fixed shade movement notification
    • Adjusted send delay
  • 1003 (3.20.2018)
    • Updated packages
    • Fixed buffer
  • 1004 (4.30.2018)
    • Updated packages
  • 1005 (5.1.2018)
    • Fixed error where hub output was not being parsed correctly
  • 1006 (5.16.2018)
    • Fixed shade two-way feedback
  • 1007 (6.20.2018)
    • Updated packages
    • Improved shade position updating
  • 1008 (7.6.2018)
    • Fixed error where shade/scene name would auto-rename when set to 'off'
    • Scenes are now automatically un-hidden in the current room
    • Fixed shade binding status for un-bound shade
    • Updated documentation
  • 1010 (1.17.2019)
    • Resolved an issue where too many updates were being sent to Control4 UI
    • Improved handling of hub connectivity
  • 1011 (1.18.2019)
    • Improved logic for sending updates to devices (sendtoproxy)
  • 1012-1019
    • Internal releases
  • 1020 (6.10.2019)
    • Major release that improves shade movement feedback and detection
  • 1026 (10.4.2019)
    • Fixed issues where refresh navigators causes director to slow down