Awaptec Keypad

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Version: 20230412
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Awaptec is a swiss engineering company, that sells a keypad solution which fit in the Feller design. Each keypad has 8 custom programmable buttons incl. LED and two I/Os. With different frontplates, the amount of buttons can be configured between 1-8.
The I/Os can be configured as analog input (0-10V) and digital in/output

Also each keypad has a temperature and humidity sensor, which can be used as input for thermostats or the Control4 "Temperature Display" driver.
The integrated buzzer can be used to locate the keypad or to use it as alarm.

Driver Features
  • Two way RS232 controll
  • Button Link connection for each configured button
    • Button hold event for each button
    • Button released event for each button
    • Button pressed event for each button
    • Button clicked event for each button
    • Custom button LED settings
  • I/O control for both I/Os
    • I/Os can be configured seperatly
    • Automaticly generates connections for I/Os
  • Temperature and humidity connection for both thermostats and temperature display
  • Buzzer can be set in programming

The Awaptec system has to be installed and setup properly acording to the manual from Awaptec. The Awapatec gateway needs a RS232 connection to the Control4 System.


This driver has 20 days of trial, allowing dealers to test the driver before purchasing it. The trial automatically begins when a driver is installed in a project.
Showroom License:

Driver Download (, 1,400 Kb) [Download]

- Initial release