K-array Kommander-KA02

Kiwifarm Srl
Version: 5000
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This is an Official K-array driver: it was developed by us on behalf of K-array.

This driver allows integration with the tiny K-array Kommander-KA02 amplifier.

If you are looking for a driver for a different amplifier of the Kommander line, please stay tuned: we are going to release soon a generic driver.

The Kommander-KA02 is the smallest amplifier in the Kommander line with an incredibly compact size of 144 x 46 x 144 mm.

The driver makes available the main driver that allows managing the sound in a room, and two sub driver for managing the Bluetooth connection and the USB music sources.

Major features

  • up/down room volume
  • up/down music source
  • mute/unmute room volume
  • mute/unmute music source
  • forward/backward tracks selection
  • select input source
  • play/stop/pause tracks  


OS compatibility

This driver works on Control4 OS 2.10 and successive and 3.0 and successive.

Driver Download (karray-ka02.c4z, 2,219 Kb) [Download]

User Guide for driver control4-Karray (UserGuide_driver_control4_Karray.pdf, 384 Kb) [Download]


Be sure that your KA02 is correctly installed and configured.

Check, also, that KA02 is reachable by the Control 4 controller.

After, you can fill properties on Composer:

Device IP

put here the IP address of the device.

Line In Mute

put this value to "off" if you want to disable line-in input present on the back of the KA02

Optical Line In Mute

put this value to "off" if you want to disable optical line-in input present on the back of the KA02

Log Level

This value defines levels of debugging details to show

Log Mode

Enable the logging feature. Show if you want to print messages on Composer or leave them in the internal logfile



  • Ver. 5000: minor bug fix
  • Ver. 1000: first release