K-array Kommander-KA02

Kiwifarm Srl
Version: 5000
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This is an Official K-array driver: it was developed by us on behalf of K-array.

This driver allows integration with the tiny K-array Kommander-KA02 amplifier.

The Kommander-KA02 is the smallest amplifier in the Kommander line with an incredibly compact size of 144 x 46 x 144 mm.

The driver makes available the main driver that allows managing the sound in a room, and two sub driver for managing the Bluetooth connection and the USB music sources.

Major features:

  • up/down room volume
  • up/down music source
  • mute/unmute room volume
  • mute/unmute music source
  • forward/backward tracks selection
  • select input source
  • play/stop/pause tracks  


User Guide for driver control4-Karray (UserGuide_driver_control4_Karray.pdf, 384 Kb) [Download]