K-array Kommander amplifiers

Kiwifarm Srl
Version: 2000
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This is an Official K-array driver: it was developed by us on behalf of K-array.

The driver controls the Kommander line of K-array amplifier.

If you are looking for KA02 driver, please refer to the dedicated driver here.

This driver it was developed and tested on the KA-18 device.

The Driver makes available:

- audio switch capabilities

- the USB player control

Major features

  • output groups: control multiple outputs by a single room connection
  • support the KA family
  • up/down room volume
  • up/down music source
  • mute/unmute room volume
  • mute/unmute music source
  • forward/backward tracks selection
  • play/stop/pause tracks


OS compatibility

This driver works on Control4 OS 2.10.6 and successive and 3.0 and successive.

Driver Download (karray-ka.c4z, 2,270 Kb) [Download]

This driver is intended to be used only with K-array KA amplifiers and it was explicitly tested on Ka-18 Amplifier. Please refer to K-array for more info or purchasing (https://www.k-array.com/en/contact)

Main features

  • up/down room volume
  • up/down music source
  • mute/unmute room volume
  • mute/unmute USB player music source
  • forward/backward tracks selection on USB player
  • play/stop/pause tracks  on USB player
  • programmatically change device preset by Advanced Programming in Composer


  1. Add a K-array driver to your Composer project;
  2. Set the "Device IP" property with the K-array amplifier IP address.
  3. The driver provides a connection for each output channel of the amplifier. Please connect the driver to the Control4 room, as you need.
  4. Call the action "Read device preset list", if you want to change the device preset by setting the variable CURRENT_PRESET_NAME in Advanced Programming.


The driver exposes:

  • the amplifier (the root driver)
  • a nested driver to control the USB player

The global properties available when you select the root driver are:

  • Device IP: put here the IP address of the device to establish the communication between the driver and the amplifier
  • Polling Interval: choose the time frame for collecting state info from the device (in seconds)
  • Volume Group 1, Volume Group 2, Volume Group 3, Volume Group 4: you can group the output channels to assure the variation in the volume of a single channel in the group is propagated to all other channels. Write the channel number separated by a comma (ex. 1,2,6,8 create a group containing channels 1,2,6 and 8)
  • Media Player Volume: the default volume of the internal USB player. The driver allows users to change only the output volumes so you need to set a static input volume for the internal USB player.


The action available is "Read device preset list". It fetches the list of the device preset created on the device. You have to call this action each time you update the device preset list on the amplifier if you want to change the preset by the CURRENT_PRESET_NAME variable.


The driver shows all the standard variables for amplifiers and media players: a variable for each input, a variable for each volume level output, and a variable for each mute state of outputs. 

The variable CURRENT_PRESET_NAME contains the last preset name you set by Advanced Programming. To change the device preset, set this variable with the name of the preset. 

WARNING: be sure to synchronize the list of available presets in the driver and the list of available presets in the amplifier: use the "Read device preset list" action each time you change the presets on the device.

Version 2000:

  • Fix: licensing not properly working.

Version 1110: first release