Aten VM6404H / VM6809H HDMI Matrix

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Need to integrate your Aten VM6404H or VM6809H 4k HDMI Matrix into your Control4 project? Looking for even easier integration over IP? 

This Control4 driver allows you to switch inputs and outputs as well as load connections from a saved profile.

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This driver integrates an Aten VM6404H / VM6809H 4x4 / 8x9 4K HDMI Matrix Switch with Scaler into Control4 via IP. Please note that there are connection bindings for the 8x9; when using with the 4x4 the additional bindings will not function.

Please ensure the matrix is connected to the network and operating normally before integrating into the control system. A license is required to use this driver. 

  1. Add driver to project.
  2. Go to connections tab, then network, and enter the IP Address of the device.
  3. Enter the username and password for the connection (the defaults are pre-populated)
  4. Go back to the driver and ensure the Status property says "Network - Online". If is doesn't, make sure the device is powered and connected to the network.
  5. Bind the input and output connection bindings to the appropriate devices.
  6. Refresh navigators.


Cloud Status
Indicates status with the cloud.

Automatic Updates
Displays when a newer version of the driver is located in the cloud.

Indicates network connection status.

Last Received Network Data
Timestamp of when the driver last received data from the matrix.

Allows you to turn the display of debug messages in the lua output window ON or OFF.




Load Profile
Load connections from profile specified.

Save Profile
Save connections from profile specified.


HDMI Inputs

HDMI Outputs



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v1 - Release