DoorBird V2

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Version: 1018
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Official API Cloud Homes

OS 2.9 OS 2.10 OS 3 


There are two versions of the DoorBird driver found under the downloads tab:

V2 - Desinged to work on OS 2.9.1 to 2.10.6

Manufacturer - Designed to work on OS 3.1 and higher

Note: OS 3.0 experienced major intercom issues. We do not suggest keeping the project on that version.

Please make sure to download the appropriate driver based on the current OS version in your project. There are slight differences in the installation of the driver as well as the interface of the driver. The documentation outlines the proper steps for install.

The Control4 Home Automation system can control nearly all aspects of a customer’s smart home, including security. Security is extremely important for any homeowner, and smart doorbells offer several features to maintain a safe and secure home. DoorBird is the industry standard for smart doorbells, with top-of-the-line cameras, real-time notifications, and video playback. Installing a DoorBird system in your customers’ home gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that their property is protected. With the DoorBird driver, customers can easily and conveniently see who is at the door, grant or deny access to their home by triggering a smart lock, and play back surveillance video all in the Control4 interface.

In addition to the main features customers can receive alerts when motion is detected at the door, when someone rings the doorbell, when a code is used on the smart lock, and more. New icons show the states of the DoorBird, visually communicating that motion has been detected, when the doorbell rings, if the doorbell has been silenced, and more.


- Simple setup/integration
- Includes intercom support on Control4 touchscreens (including Intercom Anywhere)
- 2-Way audio with Control4 touchscreens and the DoorBird
- Camera Popup on Touchscreens
- Doorbell Announcement through home speakers
- Open Smart Doorlock from Doorbird app
- Fully integrated camera into Control4 on any Control4 interface (using Camera Proxy)
- PoE or Wi-Fi integration
- Ability to silence the doobird
- Doorbell and Motion detection from within the driver, no extra wires needed
- Turn on the light at the doorstation
- BirdGuard Integration (including SIP)
- DoorBird management area via the Lock Proxy
- 5 Touchscreens now supported simultaneously in the V2 driver and up to 8 tested on the Manufacturer driver
- New and improved event management system
- Custom Icons on Control4 interfaces


Compatible Hardware
All intercom stations (as well as BirdGuard) found here:


Compatible Control4 Systems
Functional with 2.9.1+ though certain features are designed specifically for 3.0+
A strong network connection is required to effectively utilize this driver.


Icon States
Many Cinegration Development LLC drivers come with customizable icons, including the Power Agent. If you would like your own custom icons loaded into the driver, please email: We can create customized icons that will provide the final style touches to your projects. For this, please send a sample picture or include a description of how you would like the icon to look. We would gladly load it into the driver for you for a fee.


Standard Icons 1

Standard Icons 2


Driver License Activation
A single license will unlock as many instances of the driver as needed in your project. Cloud Driver is required to activate all DriverCentral licenses and trials. To find out more about drivercentral features click here. Additionally, here is a quick video that demonstrates the licensing process.


Showroom and Free Trial
All Cinegration Development drivers for Control4 come with a 7-day trial. Simply add the DriverCentral licensing driver along with this driver and you can fully test the driver before purchasing. Including Cinegration Development drivers in your showroom project will give you unlimited use without purchase.


Driver is provided by Cinegration Development LLC.  All rights reserved.

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Driver: DoorBird V2 Integration Driver

Compatible Control4 Systems:  2.9.1+
Compatible Hardware: D101, D2101V, D2102V, D2103V, D21DKV, D21DKH, D2101BV, D2102BV, D2103BV,D203, BirdGuard, DoorBird IP DoorChime, DoorBird I/O Door Controller
Developed by: Cinegration LLC.
Change Log: Please visit


  • DoorBird Setup (App)
    • Log into DoorBird App, Go to Administration and sign into the DoorBird
    • Create user 0002 (example: gxyddsa0002)
    • Set NAME (COMMENT) to sip
    • Enable all permissions for this user
    • Press Save
  • Control4 Driver Setup
    • Add Agents to project
      • History Agent
      • Navigation Agent (Optional)
      • Push Notification Agent (Optional)
      • Communication Agent (Req. for touchscreen/sip)
      • Announcement Agent (Optional)
    • Add Lock Motor and bind to relay (IMPORTANT!!!)
    • Create Doorbell Announcement with Agent
    • Enter username and password into driver
    • Driver will begin setting up communication with DoorBird
    • Refresh Navigators
  • Event Actions/Management
    • After the driver successfully links to the DoorBird, use the drop-down menu (Event: User or Event) and select the event you want to program
    • Set Announcement and settings for events


Driver States:


Offline:  Driver is not setup or cannot communicate with hardware


Normal:  Driver is working


Motion Detected


Doorbell has rung


Relay has been triggered


Silenced.   When this state is active, Doorbell and Motion announcements
in home are silenced.  Notification on DoorBird App will still be enabled


SIP/Touchscreen Notes:

            DoorBird hardware supports two methods for communicating to the unit.  Through the DoorBird app and through SIP.  SIP is a communication method to ring/call touchscreens on a Control4 system.  The DoorBird registers to the sip server (Control4 Director) and when the doorbell button is pressed, the driver sends a command to the DoorBird to make a ‘call’ to a call group.  By default, the call group used is All touchscreens.  This can be adjusted using the event settings in the driver.

  By default, SIP is designed to have the video come AFTER the call is answered.  Because of this design of SIP, Cinegration has worked with DoorBird to support up to 5 touchscreens with video preview (T3 Touchscreens only… InfinityEdge Touchscreens use older MJPEG and only 2 touchscreens will work). The video preview is accomplished by using the Alternate Camera setting.  This setting tells the driver to use a different video stream than what comes with the sip call.  This is automatically setup when the driver is installed, and most dealers should not need to adjust any settings.  However, if dealers need to customize the integration, click on the intercom proxy under System Design and adjust the settings of the DoorBird.


Lock Proxy/DoorBird Management:

New to the V2 driver, Cinegration has added in the ability for homeowners to adjust some of the settings, see history and add/change users on the DoorBird all through the Control4 system.  This is done via the Lock proxy which can be utilized by clicking the > next to the lock that is bound to the DoorBird.



Settings that can be adjusted:

  • Doorbell events (On, Off, Silence)
  • Save Motion Events to History
  • Use Control4 Push Notification
  • Tap Actions for icon on Control4 GUI (Lock-Unlock Door, Composer/Custom Action, Silence DoorBird, Nothing)
  • Camera Image Mode (Live, Last Doorbell Push)
  • Note: DoorBird API does not currently support adding/editing users.  This will be enabled soon.



Silence DoorBird for 2 Hours:

There are times when a customer may want to temporarily disable the announcements and touchscreen call.  By default, double-tapping the icon will put the driver into Silence mode for 2 hours.  When this happens, announcements, composer actions, intercom calls will be turned off.  The DoorBird app will continue to work.  Double-tapping the icon again will turn the actions back on.


Integrating Lock Control:

In order to integrate lock control with the Doorbird please follow the instructions in this link:


Push Notification:

  The driver supports automatic push notification using the Control4 app.  This will send notifications to be registered MyHome devices.  For notifications to work, homeowners must have the Control4 app on the phone and notifications enabled (see below) 

Configure Account:
1. Go to to log into customer account.
2. Once logged in go to “My Notifications” under “My Devices"
3. Select a mobile device you want to receive notifications on.
4. These devices are all devices that have been connected to the customer account using the Control4 App.
5. Configure specific areas category and severity of notifications.
6. “Save” configuration before continuing.

Notifications used in Driver:

  • Informational Level: Motion, Driver State is Normal
  • Alert Level: Doorbell, Relay, Offline events
  • Critical Level: None

User/Event Actions:

  Cinegration has developed a unique way to adjust actions for the driver.  The list below explains each action:

  • Event: Display Name -> The name of the event for Control4 notifications
  • Notify: Composer Event -> This setting will enable or disable any dealer created Composer Actions for this event.
  • Notify: Execute Announcement -> Shows a list of current announcements.  Choose an announcement or nothing to disable
  • Notify: Call Group -> The touchscreen call group that should be triggered when event is triggered
  • Notify: Trigger Relay or Lock -> Choose a lock or trigger a composer action when this event happens.  If using a smart lock (Yale, Kwikset), this binds to the lock relay and sends a TOGGLE command to the lock.  If lock type is Pulse, command will be TRIGGER.  This notification is only visible for user and rfid style events

Current known Limitations:

            Cinegration is working with manufacture and Control4 to resolve.  When a resolution is found, an update to the driver will be provided via DriverCentral update system.

  • EA class controllers do not see camera. (Fixed DoorBird Firmware: 111)
  • Android interfaces, do not show correct settings under lock proxy.

Motion Events:

  By default, motion events are now recorded by the driver.  On older D1xx models, the camera is highly sensitive and by default motion is disabled in DoorBird app.  To enable, log into the administration side of the DoorBird and enable motion

DoorBird App Notes:

  A brief explanation on users with the DoorBird should be understood before implementing a DoorBird solution to your customer.  The DoorBird by default has 2 users.  These are represented by the last 4 numbers of the username.  Example: gyxeda0001 would be user 1 (Homeowner).  Homeowners should use user 0001, 0003, 0004, or higher.  User 0000 should be saved in dealer documentation and ONLY be used for configuration of the DoorBird.  User 0000 does NOT receive notifications (doorbell push, motion detected etc…).  User 0002 must be added and is designed to be used for 3rd party integration.  DO NOT THROW AWAY DIGITAL PASSPORT that comes with the DoorBird.  There are at least 2 copies that come with every unit.  It is recommended that the dealer give the English or version of the correct language to the customer and keep the other on file.


About Driver Notes:

     This driver contains code written by Cinegration LLC.  Any modification to this driver without the express written permission or without the express consent by Cinegration will void all warranties, constitute a ban on all drivers released by Cinegration and potentially legal action.

     This driver has been designed to work with Control4 2.9.1 and higher Control4 systems.


For a full description of terms and conditions pertaining to Cinegration Development's drivers please visit


  • 1018 (7.2019)
    • Fixed issue where some doorbirds were not creating an event for a doorbell press
  • 1017 (5.2019)
    • Fixed issue where triggering relays from control4 would not always work (different proxy types).  Relay proxy will now receive a close, then open notification when a relay is triggered on the doorbird.
    • Fixed issue where lua errors would happen if schedule of a user code was not 24/7
    • Updated Polling Module to inlclude reset of sip if settings are not correct
    • Added support for Chime and Door I/O controller
    • Improvements for future integrations
    • Fixed issue where changes in user code schedule was not being saved
  •  1012 (4.2019)
    • Improved Sip communication and setup handling
    • Improved relay names/properties inside driver (DoorBird Relay 1)
    • Added simulate doorbird doorbell press to Control4 programming
    • Fixed issue where events were not being loaded into driver on reboot
    • Added intercom actions for Composer Programming
    • Added build number to Firmware property
    • Updated to support BirdGuard
  • 1007 (6.8.2018)
    • Fixed issue where announcement agent was installed, but no announcements found
    • Updates for DoorBird firmware 112
    • General performance updates to driver loading
    • Updated JSON decoding
    • Updated to support 2.9.1 systems
    • Fixed issue with motion event having extra space at end of event
    • Added support for auto creation of events for doorbell and motion if they do not exist
    • Updated to support HTTPS

1002 (5.15.2018)

  • General driver improvements
  • Added support for AutoLock driver into lock scanning
  • Intercom: Button programming will now show/hide the button automatically
  • Added Check for proper permissions to setup
  • Added Rebooting of doorbird (requires 112 firmware)
  • Updated doorbell press notification message to devicename has been pressed
  • Added DoorBird IR enable for 3 minutes on Intercom and Composer Action

1000 (5.1.2018) - Inital Release