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Many Jewish people who strictly observe Shabbat refrain from what turning electricity on or off during this period. They may also refrain from making adjustments to the intensity of electrical appliances.

The Chowmain Hebcal module for URC imports data from Hebcal.com. This module helps by automating detection of Jewish holidays and your standard Shabbat (observed from a few minutes before sunset on Friday evening until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night). By firing these events it assists with notification of Candle lighting (18 minutes before sundown) and Havdalah (after the appearance of three stars in the sky) along with the automation of electronic devices during this period.


  • Automatic detection the URC projects latitude, longitude and timezone information for automatic information gathering.
  • Automatic daily update of information from Hebcal.com
  • Automatic update of information from Hebcal.com when the system boots up.
  • Device event for Candle lighting time with time offset (positive and negative option is available)
  • Device event for Havdalah time with time offset (positive and negative option is available)
  • Two Way command for checking if its currently Shabbat / Yom Tov. This can be used with Event Timers to allow the client to set the times themselves.


Can you give us some examples of how we could use this module?

  • Automate the electronics in the home so that no touch is required during special Jewish holidays and Shabbat.
  • Use time offsets to start events using negative offsets so you can have lights turn on 15 minutes before Shabbat
  • The events can control anything URC can control - Lights, Blinds, Locks, Dishwashers, anything you have connected.
  • Arm the security system when the client is at Synagogue - a notorious vunerable time for a Jewish household.
  • Use Event Timers to allow the end user the ability to tailor the timing of the events in advance of Shabbat

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Module Download (urc-jewish-holiday-calendar-1.1.0.zip, 387 Kb) [Download]

Version 20180326

- Initial release