Elk M1 Gold

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Version: 2
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The ELK M1 URC IP module allows for full control over the ELK or Ness M1 Gold alarm panels. The module provides user interfaces for all of the current URC touchscreens, hand held remotes, phones and tablets. Using this touchscreen interface you can arm and disarm the panel, check the current status of any zone in the current partition and read through the logs. All six function buttons are also available on the home page for triggering common commands. The function buttons can have custom labels applied and the areas can also be named using system parameters.

The module is designed using the Core / Interface style. The Core module handles all communication and would typically live in your common room. The Interface modules can be placed in the room that is in the area they are associated with, for example you may have one in the living room, with a second interface in the garage. The module will only display the relevant zones and arm and disarm the correct area. The current status of the alarm will be shown on the interface, including displaying anything that might be blocking an action (zones that are in alarm while trying to arm for example).

The module also provides a number of events that can be used for more advanced automation, like using the security sensors to trigger lights. In addition to the sensors there are events for the current arming status (Disarmed, Armed Away, Armed Stay, etc), the arming status (armed with Exit timer, Ready to Arm, etc), the alarm state (Burglary, Police, Fire, Entry Delay, etc) and the system state (AC Fail, Battery Low, Comms Failure, etc).

In addition to the automation events a full range of Two Way commands are available to turn zones on and off, trigger auxiliary outputs, run tasks, trigger the functions keys, send a text message to the LCD on the code pad and trigger lighting.

The module is compatible with both Ness and ELK M1 systems.


  • Core / Interface module design, with the interface modules representing codepads.

  • User Interface for Arming, Disarming, checking Zone status and reading the logs

  • When arming the user interface will show any zones that are not sealed

  • User interface shows current arming status (In Exit timer, Entry timer, Fully Armed, etc)

  • send arm / disarm command automatically once code is entered

  • includes a system parameter for setting the code length

  • Up to 6 function keys can be used

  • All function keys can have their labels changed with system parameters

  • Two Way Commands for setting zones

  • Two Way Commands for setting auxiliaries on or off

  • Two Way Commands for controlling function keys (per codepad)

  • Two Way Commands for activating tasks

  • Two Way Commands for lighting control

  • Two Way Commands for sending a custom message to the codepad screen

  • Events for the current Arm state (Armed Away, Armed Stay, etc)

  • Events for the current Arming status (Ready, Not Ready, Armed with Exit Timer, etc)

  • Events for the current Alarm state (Entry Delay, Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm, etc)

  • Events for the current System state (AC Fail, Battery Low, Phone Fault, etc)

  • Events for the current Zone state (Normal Open, Normal Short, Trouble Open, etc)



What cool things can driver do?

  • See the current status of your alarm whilst you are away from home.

  • Check out the log of events that has happened in your home.

  • Turn off your lights, close your shades and turn off your AV zones when you arm your security system.

  • Turn on your lights when you come home at night.

  • Add additional outputs to URC to control garage doors, gates and other items with ease.

What module is required to connect to the panel via network

The module requires a M1-XEP module which provides ip based communications. This also helps facilitate reconfiguration of the panel locally or remotely (with port forwarding or a seperate VPN server/router), without the requirement to disconnect the URC system. Keep in mind, whilst connected in ELKRP, URC cannot connect properly to the Elk/Ness M1, but will automatically try to reconnect after ELKRP has disconnected

Do you offer showroom discounts?

We offer dealers a free showroom licence for demonstration and educational purposes.  See link below for T&C's and signup procedure.

Chowmain Dealer Showroom FAQ

I want to try this driver out before buying it?
All Chowmain module for URC come with a 90 day trial, no registration required.

Do you offer other drivers?

We have hundreds of drivers.  Many of which are manufacturer sponsored and free.  Please visit our website to view all available drivers including FREE drivers.


Module Download (urc-elkm1-2.2.0.zip, 683 Kb) [Download]


Version 20200415
 - Initial release

Version 1.1.0
 - Switched to semver style versioning
 - Fixed issue where log level would not set correctly
 - Fixed duplicate text field causing status not to arm show on load

Version 2.0.0
 - Updated version for certification

Version 2.0.1
- Fixed visual bug with the clear (*) button when using keypad
- Fixed issue with codes starting with 0 not working
- Fixed current arm status being shown incorrectly at startup
- Added warning message is ElkRP is currently connected

Version 2.0.2
- Added warning message if the TCP/IP to the panel is lost

Version 2.0.3
- Internal release

Version 2.0.4
- Fixed issue with certain zones being converted to octal

Version 2.0.5
- Updated to tcm3

Version 2.0.6
- Added comments to the Events and Two Way Commands

Version 2.0.7
- Fixed issue with some zones being converted to octal when updating state

Version 2.0.8
- Fixed missing F-Key label code

Version 2.0.9
- Fixed error generated by missing zone names

Version 2.0.10
- Fixed issue with Zone button when in portrait
- Forced Case Sensitivity for params (all params must be upper case)

Version 2.0.11
- Internal Version

Version 2.0.12
- Certification Release

Version 2.0.13
- Fixed parse error when no data is returned by rx still triggers
- Updated documentation

Version 2.0.14
- Updated reconnection code
Version 2.1.0
- Fixed burglar event (typo)
- Added ability to trigger events from either the core or the interface module.
Version 2.2.0
- Removed calls to TLS only server to avoid SSL issue