Rako Controls

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ezi Controls
Version: 1

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Connect your Rako Controls wired/wireless/hybrid lighting control system to the URC Total Control ecosystem with a full 2-way module. Compatible with all MRX controllers, as well as the TKP, iOS and Android control devices.


  • Import any Rako lighting channel easily into URC Accelerator 2
  • Full 2-way integration with support for sliders/dimming on each circuit
  • Create custom interfaces with support for custom names, types and have any circuit in the system on any page.

Trial Mode:

  • Try before you buy, the driver includes a 6 hour trial!


  • Rako Controls IP Bridge (WA/RA/WTC/RTC/WRA-232).
  • Note: This driver uses UDP and will not interfere with normal operation of the Rako Controls iOS and Android Application

Driver is provided by iLED Pty Ltd. T/A ezi Controls .  All rights reserved.

Installation Manual (ezi_controls_rako_urc_module_user_manual.pdf, 1,867 Kb) [Download]

Module Files (ezi_controls_rako_1.0.tcm2, 1,343 Kb) [Download]

  • 1.0 - Special Edition "Hello World" Release