Videostorm IRUSB - Nvidia Shield / Amazon Fire TV

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This package includes four separate modules for all the variations of Android TV. The included modules are

  • Nvidia Shield
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Foxtel Now set-top box
  • Generic Android TV set-top box

Each module works in the same way, the reason for multiple modules has to do with app launching differences. These modules provide IP control over the device including navigation and transport controls. It is also possible to directly launch apps using a Two Way command. The package also includes graphics you can use directly in your project.

 The module also has the ability to send IR (HEX) codes via the irUSB device. You can program these codes and use them directly in your macros via a Two Way command.

Note that this driver requires a product called the Videostorm IRUSB be installed along with the associated IRUSB application from Google or Amazon stores (does not require root).

Do you offer other drivers?

We have hundreds of drivers.  Many of which are manufacturer sponsored and free.  Please visit our website to view all available drivers including FREE drivers.

Module Download (, 580 Kb) [Download]

Version 20180130

- Initial release

Version 20180202

- Added direct app launch events for ABC iView, 7Plus, 10Play and Stan
- Fixed Select code (its now Enter)

Version 20180212

- Fixed issue with CSD files having the incorrect name 
- Added icons for Amazon FireTV, Android TV and Foxtel Now for use in your touchscreen designs.

Version 20180212

- Fixed issue with FireTV module failing to start correctly if its init took too long
- Updated Intents for nvidia Shield for Youtube and Amazon

Version 20190408

- Combined all non-FireTV modules into one (now called irusb). 
- Fixed enter command
- Rebuilt the documentation for the new irusb module.

Version 20190801

- Added automatic intent updates
- Keyboard is now functional

Version 20200103

- Added reconnect code that uses the Wake command
- Added CHECK parameter to tune the time between conection checks
- Changed the App launching Two Way command to use a string instead of the drop down (so new intents can be used)
- Added a list of current intents to the documentation for the new Two Way command


- rebuild for Accelerator 3


- test build


- test build


- test build


- added cloud logging code


- added the option to disable cloud logging


- internal release


- fixed default port issue


- properly handled cleanup after failed https request

- added port reporting to the logging


- Updated https calls to default to TLS, not SSLv3