JVC Front Projector

Now you, too, can control JVC projectors over IP!
MSRP: $100.00
Integrity Softworks
30 days
Version: 202112140
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Control JVC front projectors over IP with our two-way module for Total Control!

Due to security features implemented in JVC's IP interface, a two-way module is required to perform even basic operations. However, we didn't stop at basic operations. We designed this module to be future-proof and it is implemented so that it will support every command and query supported by the JVC projector. Simply add the command into your driver and you can use it!

Integration Guide (JVC_Front_Projector_Integration_Guide_-_Basic.pdf, 499 Kb) [Download]

Module Download (JVC_Front_Projector_v2.6.tcm2, 127 Kb) [Download]