Kramer Protocol 3000

MSRP: $300.00
Hop Soft Pty Ltd
30 days
Version: 20
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This driver allows TCP or RS232 integration of various Kramer Protocol 3000 products, driver comes as bundle of model specific drivers due to inconsistencies of Protocol 3000 implementations and versions across product range. You can test driver closest to your device if bundle does not contain specific driver for model you need. Otherwise contact us and we can build driver for you.

Bundle also contains detailed user manual and sample APEX file to demonstrate tagging, layers and room proxy.

This definitely is not driver for “quick” Friday afternoon job and you should test integration on test bench prior to installation on customer premisses.  


  • VP-558
  • VS-84UT
  • VS88UHDA
  • VS-88UT
  • VS-622DT
  • AFM-20DSP-LE


  • Video switching and feedback
  • Audio switching and feedback
  • Support for analog inputs and outputs
  • Equalizer control and feedback
  • Input volume control and feedback
  • USB switching
  • Volume for different channels control and feedback
  • Control of Kramer step-in devices
  • Sending of RAW command
  • All functions and variables are tagged for auto programming