Audioflow Speaker Switch for RTI

Janus Technology
30 days
Version: 1


The Audioflow Speaker Switch is carefully designed to be a convenient and safe way of switching between multiple speakers in a typical domestic multi-room audio system. It is perfect for connecting ceiling speakers, on-wall and in-wall speakers, bookshelf speakers and outdoor speakers to a single amplifier output.

Think of this as a simple way of creating Sub-Zones; for example, a Bedroom / Dressing / Ensuite, or an Open Plan Kitchen / Dining / Living Room / Garden without multiple amplifiers. This means that in these areas you would be able to reduce the number of RTI Rooms you need to create making this much easier for your customer to use and control, as well as being very cost effective.

This suite gives you independent control of each zone of the switch from your RTI UI, supporting all Audioflow speaker switch models (3S-2Z 2 Way, 3S-3Z 3 Way and 3S-4Z 4 Way).

Learn more about the Audioflow Speaker Switch here:


Range of programming options available for each zone, including events and commands



Driver Download (, 567 Kb) [Download]