Victron Energy Inverter

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30 days
Version: 1
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Victron Energy inverters are a great solution for powering your home or office, combining grid power, solar energy and battery backup. Adding our ELAN controller driver, you can use this technology to its fullest potential.


This driver allows you to obtain and use the following information from your inverter:

  • Grid Power
  • Consumption
  • Battery State of Charge (SoC)
  • Battery Power
  • Solar Power
  • Grid Voltage
  • Grid Availability

This data can be used to display status information, bar gauges and line graphs on your homepages and to trigger events. Data is refreshed every 10 seconds.

How to use the data

  • Events can be triggered based on the above information.
  • Graphs and Bar Gauges can be used to display the data.

Note: Graphs do not render correctly on ELAN 8.7 or earlier.

 Examples of applications

  • Automatically switch on your pool heater when the battery reaches 95% SoC.
  • Switch off your geysers if the battery drops below 42% SoC.
  • Send a notification if the grid fails.


Connecting your inverter to the ELAN controller is easy. No internet access is required for the driver to operate. This driver connects directly to your GX device (Color Control, Cerbo, etc) via your IP network (Ethernet or WiFi)


  • Version 1 of this driver is read-only. It does not update any settings on your inverter 


Version 1:

Initial Release. 

  • The driver reads power-related values from a Victron Inverter, through a Cerbo GX or similar GX device.
  • Updating the inverter configuration is not supported.