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South Africa is an amazing country, but it is not without its challenges - especially concerning power availability. Since 2008, scheduled Load Shedding has been implemented to reduce the load on the national grid. EskomSePush is a popular resource for determining when your area will be without power.

This driver connects to the EskomSePush API to integrate load-shedding information into your ELAN home automation.


This driver allows you to obtain and use the following information from your inverter:

  • Minutes until Load-Shedding starts (numeric).
  • Next Load-Shedding start time (text).
  • Next Load-Shedding end time (text).
  • Current Load-Shedding status (text).

This data can be used to display status information and to trigger events. Data is refreshed every 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

EskomSePush API

This driver connects to the EskomSePush API to obtain load-shedding schedules. An API Key will be required from EskomSePush. API Keys are available free of charge under most conditions for personal use. You will need to register with EskomSePush to receive your key.

How to use the data

  • Events can be triggered before load-shedding start.
  • Status, start time and end times or the next load-shedding can be displayed for informational purposes. 

 Examples of applications

  • Automatically switch on your geysers 5 minutes before load-shedding starts.
  • Send a notification when the load-shedding ends.


This driver requires internet access to connect to the EskomSePush API. An ESP License Key will be required. A free license is available for personal use when you register for the ESP API.


Version 1:

Initial Release. 

  • The driver obtains the current load-shedding information from EskomSePush.