Ness D8X/D16X

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Hop Soft Pty Ltd
30 days
Version: 2
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This driver allows the control of a Ness D8/16 security system through RS-232 or IP.

  • Full-featured driver for new security system proxy. Core 8.7.23+
  • Visual state of each zone.
  • Event maps for zone Faulted/Faulted Cleared
  • Zone Bypass
  • Virtual keyboard for user interface.
  • Supports all areas and zones as programmed in panel.


  • You will require an RS-232 pigtail. (NESS Part #450-246)
  • The other option is an Ethernet Interface, which is on a static IP address and a port has been setup for use by Elan. This driver has been developed by using NESS ELK-IP232 but we believe that any 232/IP will work.
  • Ensure that serial port on IP interface has been set to 9600bps.