Bond Bridge

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Chowmain LTD
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Version: 110
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Bond Bridge lets you connect your existing remote controlled ceiling fans, fireplaces or blinds to your smart devices.

This Wifi based device can be placed anywhere there is WiFi coverage making it easy to control IR/RF devices that are in locations that are hard to run cable.

Integration into ELAN allows you to activate, control fan speeds, open/close shades, turn on lights and more all from a single point using ELAN's touchscreens, mobile applications, keypads, handheld remote controls and more.

Bond can be purchased directly from Bond Home, through Home Depot, Best Buy or via Amazon and is easily the cheapest and easiest way to integrate Somfy RTS Shades and other RF based products.

There are also certain fans with 'smart by bond' technology built in.  These fans can be controlled by the driver without any additional hardware.  If you encounter a fan that has no IR, no IR nor has 'smart by bond' built in you can retrofit 'smart by bond' by using the universal smart wi-fi 4 speed ceiling fan remote controller.

On top of 3rd party device control you can now also integrate the Bond Sidekick Keypad. This battery operated 8 button keypad is designed to be easily retrofit. Paired with a Bond Bridge Pro it allows integration to Control4 to provide tap, double tap, press and release functionality. Battery on the Sidekick product will last you for 10 years on moderate usage (2-3 times a day).


Supported Devices

  • Smart by Bond fans (mapped to dimmer device)
    • Fan On/Off
    • Fan Speeds
    • Light On/Off
    • Light Level
  • Fan Speed Controller (mapped to dimmer device)
    • Fan On/Off
    • Fan Speeds
    • Light On/Off
    • Light Level
  • Bond Bridge
    • Ceiling Fans
      • Fan Speeds
      • On
      • Off
    •  Lights
      • Level
      • On
      • Off
    •  Shades
      • Position
      • Open
      • Close
      • Stop
    •  Fireplaces
      • Mapped all commands as one-way scenes
      • Eg
        • On
        • Off
        • Fan Speed
        • Fan Speed Up
        • Fan Speed Down
        • Flame Up
        • Flame Down
        • Flame Level
  • Bond Sidekick
    • Battery Operated (lasts for upto 10 years) Retrofit Keypad
    • 8 Buttons
    • Event Maps (per button)
      • Activate Scene
      • Deactivate Scene


Why is this product so exciting?

  • Bond Sidekick

    • Battery operated
    • 10 year battery life
    • Easily retrofit
    • 8 Buttons (Event Mappable)
      • Activate Scene
      • Deactivate Scene
  • Smart By Bond Fans
  • Fan Speed Controller
    • If you find a fan that has no IR, RF or smart by bond functionality you can also utilise the Bond Fan Speed Controller to add smarts to it.

    • The controller can be purchased through the following retailers

  • Bond Bridge
    • The bond bridge can control a vast number of RF based devices including shades, fans, fireplaces, lights and more

    • This bond bridge provides the easiest and cheapest way of integrating Somfy RTS shades into Control4! Since it is wifi based you can place the Bond Bridge device anywhere meaning better coverage (unlike the Somfy RTS transmitter or URTS transmitters which require cabling).

    • The bond bridge is easily accessible and can be purchased through the following retailers

    • The bond bridge can also be purchased internationally from the following distributors
    • The bond bridge is extremely inexpensive with MSRP pricing at $99.99 USD. Though some retailers have them on sale for $69.99 at the moment.
    • This bond bridgecan control over 700 devices including virtaully all remote controlled ceiling fans, fireplaces, shades and more!

    • You can learn in your own RF codes using the Bond app for devices that are not in the database!

    • The database is always growing!

Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver? 

  • Turning off your fireplaces, fans and lights when you arm your security system along with closing your shades.
  • Automatically turning devices on when ELAN detects you are at home
  • Integrate Nice Uni Directional battery operated shades with positional based control.
  • With Bond’s recent integration of Somfy RTS blinds this makes an easy and affordable retro solution to control somfy blinds so now you can automate somfy shades to open in the morning, close at night or to block out sun on hot days to reduce energy in your home.
  • Retrofit existing chain blinds to using the OZ Smart Things Zigbee Smart Blind Motor. Note that Bond will control the motor via RF not Zigbee by replicatin the remote control commands for up, down, stop and preset.

How does this driver work?

This driver adds in every command for every device learned as a scene.  Just tie in the scene to a Light Toggle button or send the scene on command via an event map.

Do you offer showroom discounts?
We offer dealers a free showroom licence for demonstration and educational purposes.  See link below for T&C's and signup procedure.

Chowmain Dealer Showroom FAQ

I want to try this driver out before buying it?
All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 90 day trial.  Just add the driverCentral licencing driver and this driver and you're good to go.  No registration required.

Do you offer other drivers?

We have hundreds of drivers.  Many of which are manufacturer sponsored and free.  Please visit our website to view all available drivers including FREE drivers.

Driver Download (, 371 Kb) [Download]

Version #110 - 11-JUL-2023

  • Created Bond Bridge Pro driver. This driver provides native integration to ELAN device types to Bond Device types. This is useful for positional shades, dimmable lights, etc.
  • Old Bond Bridge driver and Smart By Bond driver is included still for legacy systems and for people who want to program the Bond Bridge in as bond commands rather than bond actions.

Version #108 - 19-SEP-2022

  • Added support for Bond Sidekick Keypads

Version #107 - 24-JUN-2021

  • Increased message queue size by 10x.  This resolves issues with importing large number of commands.

Version #106 - 26-APR-2021

  • Added queue to fix issue caused by too many concurrent connections to Bond Bridge on importing device commands.
  • Fixed issues with trial licencing

Version #105 - 07-JAN-2020

  • Fixed issue effecting devices with IP addresses ending with 0

Version #103 - 02-OCT-2020

  • Added support for LT device types. EG Dekor Konnect lighting.

Version #102 - 25-FEB-2020

  • Resolved issue with stratus feedback by periodically polling device.

Version #101 - 15-OCT-2019

  • Added bi-directional support for Smart By Bond devices including fan speed controller and fans.  This appears as dimmers for lights and dimmers for fan speeds.  Polling interval at 10 secondsd for feedback

Version #100 - 30-SEP-2019

  • Initial Release