Brivis/Rinnai N-BW2 Networker Bridge

MSRP: $250.00
Hop Soft Pty Ltd
30 days
Version: 2
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This driver allows IP-based integration of Brivis/Rinnai N-BW2 Networker Bridge (WIFI) with ELAN system. The N-BW2 Networker Bridge (WIFI) provides a means of remotely interfacing to Brivis/Rinnai Network-based systems allowing control and monitoring of heating/cooling appliances the Networker system manages. N-BW2 is compatible with existing NC-3, NC-6 or NC-7 Wired Networker Controllers.


  • Support for Gas Heating, Add-On Cooling and Evaporative Cooling
  • Single Setpoint / Multi Setpoint modes
  • Auto Naming Zones
  • Simple Dropdown Box for Zone Addition
  • Multi Zone Control
  • Events for different states (calling for cool/heat, fan running etc)
  • Setpoint Control
  • Fan Control


  • Elan Driver Fan
  • Complete Driver Installation Manual
  • 21 Days Trial Period

Known Limitations:

  • Elan system currently supports 7 fan modes/speeds, Rinnai system utilizes On, Auto and 16 fan speed when the system is in fan-only mode, thus only the following speed are available from UI:
    • On
    • Auto
    • Speed 2
    • Speed 5
    • Speed 8
    • Speed 11
    • Speed 15
  • Fan speeds that are not available in certain modes can not be hidden from UI
  • Speeds not available in certain mode will be ignored if user selects such. For example, Selection of Speed 2 will be ignored if the system runs in Heat mode
  • Only one device can be connected directly to N-BW2(Single socket device), the device will lock up if a second connection is attempted and will need to be power cycled