Aten EcoPDU for Crestron Home

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Janus Technology
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This is a driver for Crestron Home systems using Crestron's certified driver SDK allowing full integration into a Crestron Home system this  provides control of supported ATEN eco PDUs, via Ethernet.

ATEN’s range of network-attached PDUs are now used in a multitude of different environments, from small residential custom installations, to vast corporate server rooms.

Control via Crestron Home includes the ability to power on and off each individual outlet on the PDU via actions and integration into Crestron's Home health dashboard so your end user can easily reboot equipment.
You can utilise actions to power off power-hungry devices all the way off (rather than just into “standby”) when they are not needed, and switched back on again with a button press.

Supports 4, 8, 16 and 24-outlet PDUs

Power monitoring has been enabled in the driver but is not currently supported by Crestron Home. When Crestron enables this monitoring feature the driver will report Current, Power and Voltage usage.


Supported Models

IP Control Box

Switched PDUs

Outlet-Metered Switched PDUs


How does it work?

The Crestron Home system communicates with the PDU via telnet, which means no additional cabling or interface devices are required.  The following main features are supported:

  • Discrete control of each outlet.
  • Control via Ethernet.


Where can i get the driver?

Please download the driver via the Crestron Home Setup application. Under Drivers > Power Controllers > Aten, then the model of your PDU. Ensure Janus Technology Ltd is in brackets next to the driver.