WeatherFlow Tempest

MSRP: $250.00
Hop Soft Pty Ltd
30 days
Version: 10022
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WeatherFlow Inc. is a leader in the private sector weather industry, with over three decades of experience in applying the latest inobservational, modeling, and forecasting technology to its clients’ most challenging problems.


HopSoft WeatherFlow Tempest driver makes all local data from a network of tempest stations available in Control4 in real-time.


Driver implements online forecast which then can be viewed with new mobile web UI driver. Custom UI is available on T3,T4, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Various forecast variables are available for custom programming via Composer software. 

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  • Air
  • Sky
  • Tempest

Common use case scenarios:

  • If it is raining close skylight windows
  • If UV index is high close curtains or blinds to protect furniture or flooring
  • If it is hailing close skylight shutters
  • If it is windy close outdoor awnings
  • If it is rainy day do not turn on irrigation today
  • If it is hot and rainy day turn on AC