Siri Voice Module

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Homebridge integration for Control4
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Version: 696
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HomeKit Integration with Control4

HomeKit, A Platform Designed by apple to control Smart Home devices through the Home app and Siri voice assistant. Siri Voice Assistant is available on iPhone, iPad, Home Pod & apple watch.

This Siri Voice Module Driver Integrate Devices which are configured in Control4 with HomeKit, So you can control all Control4 devices via apple’s native Home application. To make this Possible driver relies on the Homebridge server. The Homebridge server Emulates the Control4 devices as HomeKit-Enabled Devices.

Homebridge server can be installed on a wide variety of devices and Platforms. Depending upon what device or platform you have, please follow this link to Setup Homebridge server.


Note: From Version 646 this driver needs a Homebridge Manager driver in the project. Please set up Homebridge Manager Driver before adding Siri Voice Module driver in Project.


  • Instant access of Control4 devices from Apple Home app & Control Centre
  • Two-way feedback
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Free Remote access through Home App (iPad, Hompod, or Apple TV as hub Required)
  • integration with Apple’s iOS Automation Application
  • Project Monitoring: Driver has the ability to monitor changes in Project for Device Delete and rename. The same setting will apply to the Homebridge setup without doing anything. This will eliminate the issue when you have rogue devices in Homebridge that you have already deleted or renamed in Control4.

Devices Supported by the Driver

  • TV
  • Switches
  • Dimmers
  • Advanced Lighting Scenes
  • Fan Speed Controller
  • Thermostat
  • Blinds
  • Garage Doors
  • Door Locks
  • Security System
  • Motion Sensors
  • Contact Sensors
  • Custom Commands (Events)


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Amr AboTaleb
Amr AboTaleb
Great Driver by all means
DTI HB simplifies Control4 Integration with HomeKit, the idea of child bridges is fantastic, super fast to add/remove devices and ...
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Rotem Ayalon
Rotem Ayalon
Such a great driver
This driver is working great with HomeKit.
I have a big project with a KNX system and many blinds and lights, ...
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2 0
Koenraad VDS
Koenraad VDS
Hé Siri as it should be.
I have been using this driver for months now and it's been very stable for me.
Using the homekit app is ...
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2 0
It just works!
We've been using this driver a lot for clients and our personal systems & its great never misses a beat!

The ...
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Driver Documentation included in Download Driver Zip File.

  • Ver:685 This version has minor bug fixes.
  • Ver:675 We have Added Support for the Programmable switch. The Custom Lighting Commands are Updated to support 2-Way Feedback as now we can set this Virtual device from Control4 as well. Please refer Documentation file for instructions.
  • Ver:664 we have added support for TV accessories. Now users can control TV/Projector (Watch Sources) from the Apple Native Remote app. All Devices in the watch list will be available as an input of TV accessories in the Home App.
  • Previously we have to create Custom Command to Turn ON/OFF any Source with this update users can create Scenes in Home App for Inputs. Everything is Synced between Control4 and Homebridge.
    We have also Fixed a Minor bug with Advance Lighting scene Execution. (22/02/2022)
  • Ver:662 In this version we have included a library that will fix Devices in Homebridge with the wrong Device information. This happens when Homebridge is installed on a more secure device platform like Mac, windows with Antivirus software installed and Homebridge can not write the catch file in storage this leads to no Device information available when Homebridge reboots. The Device information Fixing works on the fly and there is no user action needed for this. Before updating the driver to this version please update the DTI WebSocket Plugin to v0.9.11

    A New Property (Enter HB HTTPS URL) has been added to set the Custom Homebridge interface URL in composer. This property is only visible when the property "Hosted on NAS/MAC/PC/Linux/Docker" is set to "Yes”. Please note that the "Enter HB HTTPS URL" only accept HTTPS URL. (29/11/2021)
  • Ver:660 We have fixed the Thermostat Target Temperature error. (29/11/2021)
  • Ver:659 We have added support for the Advance lighting scene Add, Delete, and Rename functions. This will greatly improve the Add/Remove Scene property list. Also, there should be no interaction needed when the scene is deleted, Added, or Renamed in Control4, Siri Voice Module Driver will automatically update the Homebridge with respected changes done in Advance Lighting Agent.  We have Added an Action "Reset Advanced Lighting Scene" to make to Add/Remove the Scene Property List to the default state. (22/11/2021)
  • Ver:658 We have fixed the Conflict with Advance lighting scenes and Light Switches. Enhanced Capability of Thermostat which has a Heating & Cooling system. (17/10/2021)
  • Ver:653 We have fixed a bug related to Control4 Thermostat Driver. (13/09/2021)
  • Ver:652 We have added support for Floor Heaters. we have also fixed a few critical bugs with the thermostat integration. (02/09/2021)
  • Ver:649 we have improved Communication between Siri Driver, Homebridge Manager Driver, and Homebridge Hub. Added 2-way feedback for Control4 Advance Lighting scenes. Fixed bug related to Thermostat, Security system (22/07/2021)
  • Fixed bugs Related to "On Device Added" to the project, fixed "Custom Lighting Command" bug when Deleting Commands, Added Warning Note in Driver Property (05/07/2021)
  • Added Support for child bridge per Room with Homebridge Manager driver (25/06/2021)
  • Updated Property Names for Delete and Undelete Devices (12/06/2021)
  • Initial Release (29/05/2021)