Random Event Trigger

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Version: 1102
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This driver enables you randomly trigger one of several programming events. 

Up to 30 different events may be specified and whenever requested via programming, the driver will randomly trigger one of the specified events.  You may also request the driver to trigger an 'ending event' for the previously-triggered random event either before or after triggering a new random event.  This would be especially useful if random events are used to trigger lighting when away from home, for example.

As random would have it, the same event could be triggered twice in a row.  To alleviate this, the driver also offers a shuffle mode where the series of x random events would be fired only once per event.  This mode also gives the user full control on when the shuffle is re-randomized.


  • Random events may be triggered via programming
  • A range of up to 30 events may be specified
  • An optional 'ending' event may also be triggered, before or after (delay is selectable) a new random event is triggered
  • An optional Shuffle Mode may be used to ensure all events are triggered (randomly) before repeats
  • A new shuffle of events may be initiated via programming
  • Actions are available to easily test all events during installation, including shuffle

This driver is essentially limited only by your imagination.

Driver Download (Random_Event_Trigger_V11.0.2.zip, 417 Kb) [Download]

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Documentation is included in the download package.

10.0.0  Initial Release (November 20, 2020)

11.0.0  Update: Ending Events with optional overlap and Shuffle capability (December 4, 2020)

11.0.2  Update: Shuffle range issue fixed (January 3, 2021)