JoshAI - Scene Trigger

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Version: 20240417

Cloud  OS 3 


Trigger Josh.AI scenes from Control4 programming.

  • Mute/Unmute Josh devices when a Control4 event happens
  • Schedule scene execution from Control4
  • Trigger unique programming features only available on Josh... like Lutron Ketra Vibrancy 


Note: Must have Control4 and Josh setup and communicating prior to this driver being added to the project.

Driver License Activation
This driver is free of charge and comes as-is.

Driver is provided by Cinegration Development LLC.  All rights reserved.

Driver Download (, 647 Kb) [Download]

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Eric Fishman
Eric Fishman
04/18/2024 Scene Trigger from Control4
This is a cool driver for and Control4! We use it in our showroom!
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### Create Scene in Josh

* Log into and select the Scenes page for the client
* Create or Adjust an existing scene
* Cindev Recommends creating unique scenes for debug purposes
* Cindev Recommends **hiding** the scene from the user and using a special character like **\_** to group all these special scenes together
* Set your actions
* Click on Triggers
* Move on to the Control4 Setup

### Setup Josh Scene in Control4

* Go to the driver properties page
* Select the next available scene id from the Select Scene List (adjust Scene Triggers to add additional scenes ids)
* Set the Scene Name to the scene name in Josh
* Copy the Voice Trigger Value
* Paste this value into the Josh Scene Voice Trigger input
* Do this for each Josh scene you want to trigger from Control4

### To Trigger Josh Scene

* From the Programming tab of Composer, find the event (when this happens, if this happens) and select it
* On the right (Actions) side and select the driver Scene Trigger
* Select Trigger Scene
* Use the lookup and find the scene you wish to trigger
* Insert this into the Event

  • 20240417
    • Initial Release