EskomSePush (FREE)

Version: 6

This driver utilizes the EskomSePush API to get local load shedding times so that you could program a system to react to upcoming load shedding schedules.

Please note, to use this driver you will need to abide by the EskomSePush terms & conditions which are available by clicking here

This driver will only work for South African Projects and is free in solidarity of our daily struggle... Shosholoza ndawonye


  • Get National load shedding status updates
  • Get Area load shedding status updates
  • Program around the load shedding schedule 


  • Eskom Shedding Stage: The current National Load Shedding Stage
  • Currently Being Load Shed: Yes or No
  • Next Scheduled Outage: Time & date of the next outage
  • EskomSePush API Key: Intructions included on how to get this (yes, its FREE)
  • API Calls Remaining: How many API calls are remaining on the package selected
  • Update Interval [M]: How often to get an update from the ESP servers
  • Region: The power provider in the area selected
  • Area Name: Area name selected from the search below
  • Area ID: Area ID used by the API from the search below
  • Search Area: Enter the area of the site here (same way you would search in the ESP App)
  • Search Results: Results based on the text entered in the Search Area property


Actions (When)

- Load Shedding Stage Changed
- Load Shedding Starts in 2 Hours
- Load Shedding Starts in 1.5 Hours
- Load Shedding Starts in 1 Hour
- Load Shedding Starts in 30 Minutes
- Load Shedding Starts in 5 Minutes
- Load Shedding Started
- Load Shedding Ends in 5 Minutes
- Load Shedding Ended

Conditionals (If)

- Currently Loadshedding
- Load Shedding Stage


- Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver?
  - General notifications (announcement on a screen or audio system)
  - Set an inverter to charge before load shedding kicks in
- Why did you make the driver?
  - Because the situation is dire in South Africa, knowing when the next scheduled outage will be and programming around it can improve the lives of those who use it with Control4
- API Key, what's that?
  - This of it as an authorization key. Everyone needs one to link to the EskomSePush service

Driver & Documentation - 2024/01/16 (, 7,667 Kb) [Download]

See the Documentation tab in Composer or in the driver download


Version 6

  • Corrected an issue where the documentation was not displaying correctly (May require a reboot of Composer AND Director to show correctly)

Version 5

  • Found a spelling mistake that caused the "Load Shedding Starts in 1.5 Hours" to not fire
  • Added "Load Shedding Starts in 3 Hours" & "Load Shedding Starts in 4 Hours" as programming options

Version 4

  • Investigating stage numbers less than 0 (Eskom API suspected)
    • Added code to hopefully prevent this

Version 3

  • Updated some code to update the "Eskom Shedding Stage" property correctly
  • Added a Programming Variable with the load shedding name
  • Added some code for error checking when the stage number is unknown

Version 2

  • Changed the stage number programming conditional from a "String"/"Text" to a "Number" variable so that < = > can be used to compare stage numbers
  • Added the following Programming Variables:
    • "Current Stage Number" - Current Load Shedding Stage as a number
    • "API Calls Used" - API calls as a number
    • "Currently Being Load Shed" - Boolean, True/False
  • Added the following Programming Commands:
    • "Check API Allowance"
    • "Update Eskom Stage"
    • "Full Update"

Version 1

  • Initial Release