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Version: 202
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Tired of spending time tediously adding and renaming drivers for large projects?

The Control4 Project Builder has got you covered. 


Using this driver, building a project is now as simple as:

  1. Fill out a Google Sheet (Template) with the relevant rooms and drivers to install
  2. Install the Project Builder Driver
  3. Process!

The Project Builder will automatically install all the drivers from the sheet and place them in the assigned rooms. 

  • Say goodbye to "add a driver, wait, rename the driver, wait, repeat..."
  • With the Rename option, you can set the driver name on the Google Sheet instead of in Composer
  • The "Skip Duplicates" option lets you process a sheet multiple times, and the Project Builder will only install newly added items to the sheet. This applies to renamed items only.
  • A Test Mode is available to quickly check that all the drivers are available to install, ensuring success.
  • Demo Mode: An unlicensed instance of the Project Builder driver is fully functional, but limited to installing 5 drivers. Give it a try!


  • Can I use this driver for more than one project?
    Absolutely! In the DriverCentral portal, simply reassign the license to whichever project you’re currently working on.
  • Does the license for this driver expire?
    While the license itself doesn’t have an expiration date, it does rely on both the Control4 API and Google Sheets API & Licensing. Should any of these change, the driver may stop working.
    Currently the driver has been tested for Control4 Versions 3.3.0-3.3.3.
    Should the license stop working within 1 year of purchase due to Google Licensing changes, a request can be made for a prorated refund.
  • Can I use this with Virtual Composer?
    The Project Builder is not designed to be used with Virtual Composer