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This driver is used to view and make changes to Variables, created in the Control4 Variables agent, from a single UI.


Supported Variable Types
Currently the following variable types are supported:

  • String
  • Number
  • Float
  • Bool
  • Device
  • Color



  • Customizable names for each variable. These names are specific for this driver only.
  • Only show the variables you want to see in the UI.
  • Toggle all of your Boolean values from a single UI. No more experience buttons for each one!
  • Optional pin code UI to prevent unauthorised access
  • Set variables as read only; users can view but not modify.


  • There are no known limitations.


Can I show/hide variables individually?

Yes. From within the Properties tab of Composer:

  1. Pick your variable from the 'Agent Variables' drop down, then click 'SET'. Three additional fields will now show.
  2. Change the 'Title' property to whatever you want the variable to display as within the UI. This DOES NOT affect your variable names or descriptions set in Composer.
  3. From the 'Visible' Property, select 'true' or 'false' to determine if the variables should be seen in the UI. Click 'SET'.

I only want to show most of my boolean variables, can I do this?

Sure. We've just updated the driver to v2 to help support this easier:

  1. From the Actions tab, select 'Show Variable Types'.
  2. Pick 'Bool' from the drop down, and click 'Ok'. This will show all of your Boolean variables.
  3. Now individually select the variables you want to hide from the properties tab (one at a time), and change their 'Visibile' property to 'false' (and click set).



Contact information:
This driver was developed by Whistle Projects. Please send any enquiries to

Change Log

  • v6
    • BugFix: Fixed an issue where the new check icon for pin protection wouldn't display correctly on some devices.
  • v5
    • Updated Check icon
    • BugFix: Fixed an issue where Composer ReadOnly property didn't update when switching between variables.
  • v4
    • BugFix: Updated dynamic list 'Agent Variables' to replace variable names containing ',' with whitespace. This is due to a limitation in Composer, where you can't escape commas in dynamic lists.
    • Feature: Implemented 'Read Only' option for variables, to display within the UI whilst disabling editing.
  • v3
    • Implemented optional pin code access, to restrict access to variables.
  • v2
    • Updated Actions to support showing/hiding Variables by type.
  • v1
    • Initial release of this driver.