Advanced Hebrew Calendar Integration

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The Advanced Hebcal driver is your one stop shop for all times/holidays from the Jewish calendar.

All data is initially pulled from, and stored locally. By default, 2 years of data will be downloaded.

With this driver, schedules are automatically created in the scheduler tab for the next Candle Lighting and Havdalah times, as well as system variables for Holidays, Parsha, Sefira etc…



  • All data is downloaded (default 2 years worth) and stored locally, so the driver does not need an internet connection for times to update.
    The driver will download new data if there is less than 30 days remaining in the stored data, and on demand via Actions.
  • Candle Lighting and Havdalah times can be offset, allowing you to program using early/late Shabbat/Holiday times.
    • Multiple instances of this driver can be installed, with different offsets.
    • Schedules are automatically created by the driver, and updates nightly:
  • System Variables to be used in programming are automatically created and updated. Example for 4/23/2022 (last day of Pesach on Shabbat):
  • Powerful Test Date functionality allows you to test how the driver will behave on any given date.

Programming Examples:


All data is provided by