Text to Speech Driver

MSRP: $80.00
Shivam Paw
Version: 13
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This Text to Speech driver lets you send announcements around your Control4 system with a few taps!

You can use our built in web interface to type your own message, use our Control4 “Listen” service to type in a message right from your Control4 app, or use Composer programming to execute announcements when you want!

This driver also comes with the ability to play an announcement in different rooms or groups of rooms (See Multi Room Support). You can also use the web interface to submit voice messages from any modern browser as announcements when at home.

  • Media service integration
  • Submit announcements to different rooms (Multi Room Support)
  • Voice Messages (PA system)
  • Web interface
  • Use variables in programming
  • Inject variables within typed text
  • Google Cloud & VoiceRSS Text to Speech Engines
  • Modify speed & language for TTS Engines
  • %date% and %time% values manipulated
  • Last message variable
  • Simple Mode

Composer 2.10+ required. OS3 Compatible.

This driver uses the official VoiceRSS and Google Cloud Text to Speech API.

Multi Room Support

You can use the Custom Submit Announcement Buttons property and use custom programming to execute announcements in specific Rooms or even send a push notification using the variables.


Click here for driver documentation

Click here for Google TTS Setup documentation

Version 13

  • Added support for voice messages through port forwarded external URLs