Shelly Suite (No Cloud)

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New version 4.0.2 that now supports most of the Gen2 Relay and Dimmer (Shelly Wall Dimmer) devices (see complete list below) and adds support for the Control4 OS 3.3.x Color Proxy to the Shelly RGBW2

(pre-OS 3.3.0 compatibility is still maintained through the older Shelly RGBW2 driver that is also provided in the package)

Please update the firmware on your Gen1 Shelly devices to the latest prior of installing or updating your Shelly driver to this version (3.0.4). As some features might not work with older firmware.

An All-In-One Control4 driver for all Shelly Dimmer/Switch/Relay/Inputs/EM/Sensor and RGBW devices. It work with direct network connection to the Shelly devices without any hub or needs for Cloud services.

Features summary:

  • Really easy to set up
  • Auto-discovery
  • Auto-IP configuration (survive IP changes)
  • Auto-Devices detection
  • Auto-Configuration on supported devices
  • True Light and Relay Proxies, no need for external driver
  • Web View UI for RGBW Color Wheel available on T3
  • Battery and Connectivity Monitoring
  • Full customization and device configurable functions all available right into Control4
  • Bidirectional communication
  • Instant feedback using Web Trigger
  • Direct network connection with no latency
  • No cloud connection, your driver will work forever
  • Intelligent driver algorithm that will support most of the current products and adapt to future one

Switch/Relay driver Supported models:

Gen1: Shelly1, Shelly1PM, Shelly2, Shelly2.5, Shelly4Pro, Shelly Plug/PlugS/PlugUS

Gen2: – Shelly Plus 1,  Shelly Plus 1 PM, Shelly Plus 2,  Shelly Plus 2 PM, Shelly Pro 1, 2, 3, 4, Shelly Pro 1, 2, 3, 4 PM, Shelly Wall dimmer

Dimmer driver supported models:

Shelly Dimmer/SL, Shelly Vintage, Shelly RGBW2 (in White mode)

RGBW driver supported models:

Shelly RGBW2 (in Color mode), Shelly Bulb

Input Devices supported:

Shelly i3, Shelly Button1, Shelly1, Shelly1PM, Shelly2, Shelly2.5, Shelly Dimmer/SL, Shelly RGBW2

Energy Meter Devices supported:

Shelly EM, Shelly EM3

Sensor Devices supported:

Shelly H&T, Shelly Flood, Shelly Smoke, Shelly Gas, Shelly Door/Window, Motion v1/v2


The Shelly dimmer system only support a configurable fixed ramping, no dynamic (Ramp-To) is possible within Control4.

The Shelly RGBW2 device only support an hard-coded 1 second ramp rate. Every level changes sent to this device will be done with 1 sec ramping.

The Shelly RGBW2 does not support auto-configuration. You will need to copy/paste the Web Trigger URLs if you want to use the RGBW2 Input port or receive instant status feedback. See driver’s documentation for more details.

Battery-powered devices does not support IP-Changes recovery and require to be awake for the driver to identify and configure them.

Driver Download (Driver Suite) (, 1,569 Kb) [Download]