Zuum Cameras

MSRP: $149.00
Cinegration LLC
Version: 1009

 Zuum.png?1523049283384NVR and Camera Driver for Control4!

Manufacture: Zuum Media

Driver Features:

  • Allows NVR Icon on Watch Menu, and Connection paths for HDMI and VGA into a Control4 video system
  • Event Connection for Triggers FROM NVR (using either, connection binding or Composer Event)
  • NUMBER buttons select that channel (example: Button 6 = Camera 6 on the TV)
  • Setup RED, GREEN, YELLOW, and BLUE buttons to trigger different views on TV
  • Uses Control4’s cable Proxy
  • Connection paths for camera proxy interface 
  • Supports DriverCentral Auto-Update
  • Manufacture Sponsored Driver

 Using this driver allows a Control4 dealer to add a ‘nvr’ icon in the watch menu.  This will enable the dealer to use the Monitor-Out/HDMI/VGA connector to integrate into Customers Control4.  This driver also supports ‘linking’ to the camera interface in Control4 via the NVR Camera Driver.    

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  • 1009 (1.8.2019)
    • Digest call improvement 
    • Improved Documentation