IP Camera with on Screen Tap Passwords

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Version: 1062
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Driver for IP camera integration, Stand Alone and NVR/DVR
User-Events registration and passwords via onscreen taps codes
Send WhatsApp/Telegram/Facebook messages with SnapShot Images (requires 4Drivers Message Sender driver)

Create users-events and makes Control4 fire events when a tap sequence is performed on Camera View
Customer can open a garage gate clicking on screen a secret sequence
Avoid insecure accidental taps 

Works with some IP Cameras (including Hikvision NVRs). Works very fine with Hkkvision NVR/DVR
Custom URLs can been filled by integrators.

Camera base can increase easily without driver update. Base is web based (driver runs normally without internet)

1063 (4Drivers_IP_Cameras_StandAlone_1063_1062L.zip, 1,088 Kb) [Download]