Greenfield Solutions Mega Camera Driver Agent

MSRP: $200.00
30 days
Version: 20231001
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Greenfield Solutions is VERY excited to release our new MEGA camera driver!  This is a whole new approach to managing cameras in a Control4 project and allows for Camera drivers to be dynamically added to a project via the Camera Agent by an end user!  This also streamlines the licensing and puts all camera drivers into a single license allowing for the most flexibility between brands.


All existing license keys have been migrated from Blackwire Designs and will activate the Mega Camera Driver regardless of which camera driver was originally purchased! Houselogix drivers will not be honored for this whole new product and will require a repurchase but will continue to work as designed.  A discount of 50% will be offered by contacting for original Houselogix driver purchases.


The other major innovation in this driver is that the supported cameras as well as driver updates for cameras are dynamically delivered via the cloud allowing Greenfield Solutions to add additional cameras that customers request without having to update the agent.


At launch, our driver extends support to the following brands, with the rest of the Greenfield Solutions portfolio set to migrate shortly:

  • Dahua (all variants) NVR
  • Dahua Fixed (all variants) Camera
  • Dahua PTZ (all variants) Camera
  • Avigilon
  • Reolink
  • Reolink NVR

20231001 - 01-OCT-2023

  • Initial Release