DSC IT-100 Integration Driver

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Cinegration LLC
Version: 1009
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Allows custom integration with DSC security systems using the new V2 security proxy from Control4.  The IT-100 module and a 4 wire connection to the alarm keypad bus is required.

  • RS232 Communication
  • Beautiful new V2 security interface
  • Arm/Disarm including night mode (instant)
  • Support for multi-partitions
  • Bypassing/Unbypassing from user interface or Control4 programming!
  • Zone open/close status report
  • Cinegration Custom Alarm Lights flash module
  • Cinegration Custom auto text notification of arm/disarm/alarm and trouble conditions
  • History Agent Support (Zone Open/Close, Partition Events, User Events)
  • Enhanced installer support features
    • Sync driver zone names and zone types
    • Installer service email for troubles and alarms
  • Dealer customizable entry/exit delay timers
  • Username management
  • Polling Timer for device online/offline status
  • Cinegration 7-day trial supported

DSC Hardware Compatibility:

  • DSC PC 1816, 1832, 1864
  • Uses IT-100 Module for communication

Learn how to arm and disarm the system, bypass zones, and what happens in the event of a breach: Video

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Initial Setup/Installation of Driver

DSC Installation

  • Run wire (cat5 or security 4-wire) from alarm panel keypad bus (+,-,w,g) and hook into IT-100.  For easier installation, Cinegration recommends plugging IT-100 directly into EA process.  Note: placing electrical tape or equivalent on back of circuit board is recommend in case IT-100 touches metal
  • The IT-100 simulates a keypad in DSC.  By default, all keypads are addressed to port 18 (partition 1, slot 8).  Dealer will need to adjust keypad addresses of existing keypads to other slots (17, 16, 15 etc…).  At each keypad:
    • Press * 8, Installer Code (default: 5555)
    • Press 000, 0
    • Enter 17 for Partition 1, Slot 7 or Enter 16 for Partition 1, Slot 6 etc…
      • Note: If Programming 020 (keypad zone assignment) is active, dealer will also need to move these addresses accordingly.  Refer to DSC installation manual for instructions
    • After all keypad, have been moved to the correct addresses,
    • Enter installer programming: * 8, installer code, 902 (this scans the keypad bus for all connected keypad devices).
    • After 60 seconds, enter 903.  This will display the connected keypad devices.  Dealer should see Keypad 7, (keypad 6 if more than one keypad exists etc…) and Keypad 8, and other items (PC1532, zone expanders etc…)
    • Press #, #
  • If DSC keypad has zone names loaded into it, it is possible to ‘copy’ this information to the IT-100 and thus the Control4 driver
    • Enter Installer programming (*, 8, installer code)
    • Enter * (screen should say LCD programming at the top)
    • Enter 998 (screen should say press * to broadcast labels)
    • Enter *.  This process takes about 45 seconds
    • Enter #, #, # to exit programming

Setup Control4 Driver:

                Installation assumes driver is has already been downloaded and installed in dealers my documents/Control4/Drivers folder

  • Add driver to Project (Search for DSC).  Driver Name: Cinegration IT-100 V2 Proxy
  • Set Number of Partitions, Zones and Users in properties
  • Connect RS232 binding to proper RS232 port on EA/IO Controller
  • Under System Design, Press Download Device Data (top right download arrow in driver)
  • Add Sensor bindings for EACH zone being used
    • Make Connection to each sensor
  • Dealer has two options
    • Have Zone names located on zones page to update all sensor icons or use sensor names to update zones pages
    • Use either Driver Action: Sync with DSC Data or Sync with Control4 Data to update zone type, zone name data

Custom Partition Settings:


            Each partition has unique properties that are accessed by the dropdown menu under Property: Partition – Settings

            ZonesInPartition: This is a comma delimited list of all zones connected to this partition. By default, ALL zones are connected to ALL partitions

            Label: The label for the partition.

            ExitDelay: The amount of time in seconds for the exit delay (note: this timer does not update the exit timer in the security panel.  If this timer is incorrect, driver countdown will continue until it reaches 0 then wait until the arm or disarm command is received

            EntryDelay: Same as ExitDelay but for entry

            DefaultCode: The programming code used in Control4 programming.  Control4 no longer supports entering codes in Composer Programming.  The ‘code’ is stored here instead



            Zones pages defines the rules and types for each zone connected to driver.  Double-clicking on each zone will bring up the properties for that zone.  They are described below:

            ZoneName: Name of Zone.  Note: this name is the name used in the driver, auto email and history.

            ZoneType: Type of Zone.  This determines the type of text displayed for the zone and the style of alarm detection etc. used in driver

            CanControl: If zone can be ‘controlled’, example: Garage Door, this can be enabled.  Allows user to ‘click’ on zone to trigger relay.

            Hide: Hides zone on zones page.  Recommend hiding all zones that are not being used

            Chimes: Enables/Disables chiming support on T3 touchscreens.  Note: Chiming still needs to be enabled for chime to work.  Recommend disabling chiming on all Motion type zones



User names can be entered and updated here.  This list updates auto email and event log.  Select which user you want to edit

Edit User: Enter new user name



Flash Lights: Cinegration custom module designed to speed up installation of software.  Choose which lights need to be ‘flashing’ when the alarm is going off.  Lights will turn on/off (toggle) every 2 seconds in a random pattern until alarm is disarmed or 4 minutes have expired. 


            Cinegration has developed a large macro to bypass and un-bypass in the driver.  The macro is very extensive and care/testing must be done to verify this option will work on your installation. 

  • To enable bypassing from GUI
    • Press Functions
    • Choose Bypass/Un-bypass
    • Enter zone number
  • To enable bypassing from ComposerProgramming
    • Select action: BYPASS_ZONE
    • Choose zone number to bypass

When bypass macro is sent:

            DSC does not natively support bypassing. To overcome this, Cinegration has developed a macro that will ‘work’ through bypass menu, attempt to bypass, check if zone was bypassed then report successful or failed back to driver. If dealer requires to bypass multiple zones at the same time, stagger macros with min 13 second delay between each. This will insure macros do not overlap each other.

Composer Programming Events/Actions

                Driver uses Control4 standard alarm event and actions.  Below are only extra items added for this specific driver

                NOTE: Partition Arm/Disarm events and actions are located under the corresponding partition driver (example: Home Security or Area 2).  This is different than previous drivers where all events were located under global driver.


About Driver Notes:

      This driver contains code written by Cinegration.  Any modification to this driver or any driver written by Cinegration without the express consent will void all warranties, constitute a ban on all drivers released by Cinegration and potentially legal action.

      This driver has been designed to work with Control4 2.9.0 and higher Control4 systems.



      Cinegration strives to provide fully working drivers without defects.  However, changes and bugs may be found.  Because of this, any bug/maintenance update to this driver will be free of charge. However, due to the ever-changing nature of computer and audio/video systems, if a new version of the Control4® software or Manufacture software creates issues with this driver, or feature enhancements, an upgrade version will be provided for an additional expense or free as determined by Cinegration.

  • 1009
    • Fixed Customer Action: Set Time
    • Fixed Time not working (because of daylight savings time activated)
    • Fixed display not showing (because the CurrentPartition was 5002)
  • 1008
    • Fixed issue where Flash Lights would send all the time.
  • 1007
    • Fixed issue where lights in alarm flashing would not go back to their original levels after the alarm clear
  • 1006
    • Fixed issue where driver would fall offline after being dormant for many weeks
  • 1005
    • Added link to jump directly to Control4 app on Alert messages
    • Updated properties for better work flow
    • Fixed issue where wrong partition was being sent on some alert messages
    • Fixed issue where security icon was not being displayed on Infinity and HC class controllers
    • Added ability for dealer to enter default user code in Driver Settings or Partition page
  • 1004 (8.31.2017)
    • Fixed LUA Error (g_LastInterfaceId)
    • Fixed issue where DriverActions stayed hidden after an activation
  • 1002 (8/2017)
    • migration to driverCentral
    • Misc bug fixes and improvements
  • 1001 - Internal Update
  • 1000 - Initial Release of Driver