Ajax Systems Hub

Version: 407

To support updates of OS Malevitch 2.15 and all the new hardware including more than 40 devices, we temporarily stopped selling the driver the time to add all these features and do a deep update of the driver and its infrastructure to give you and your customers the best experience.

New features will include the brand new import wizard, multi transmitter support etc....

The new release will be available in September 2023.


Exclusive features!



Update: Many changes have been done on Ajax drivers, forcing to import all zones again, please see the documentation tab for more details. 

Before purchasing, please try them on your system and give us feedback (requirement latest Malevitch OS update)


  • Full AJAX Systems Cloud Support
  • Pack of 9 drivers!
    • Hub series driver
    • FireProtect Contact driver (Fire sensor, CO...)
    • GlassProtect Contact driver (Window break sensor)
    • Keypad Plus driver (all keypads)
    • LeakProtect Contact driver (Water sensor)
    • MotionProtect Contact driver (Motion sensor)
    • Relay Plus driver (relay & power supplys)
    • Universal Contact driver (door sensors etc)
    • Added:Group action Experience button (allows to arm/disarm a group) v210
  • 100% automatic driver additions and binding in Control4 system once Hub is connected!!!
  • Thermostat driver for all devices embedded to retrieve local temperature
  • Experience button for all devices to display status
  • 18+ Programming events for all contacts/relays
  • Virtual Keypad support
  • Zones display  also on Locks & sensors 

And many other features!

- Hub series driver


- FireProtect driver



- LeakProtect driver


- GlassProtect contact driver


 - MotionProtect Contact driver



-Universal Contact driver



- KeypadPlus driver


- RelayPlus driver



 Please note that an extra step is required to allow automatic driver add and binding (Download AJAX Presentation for details or see Hub driver documentation)

 play.png?1623327571380See videos on Youtube





Minimal Control4 OS version is 3.1.0

Ajax Control4 driver presentation (AjaxPresentationEN.pdf, 3,334 Kb) [Download]

Full driver pack (latest) (ajax_control4_drivers_v405.zip, 14,227 Kb) [Download]

Update to version >371+ & 201 (or first use)


Please read carefully:

If you already had installed previous version of Ajax driver, please remove all the drivers from your installation.

  1. Create a temporary room
  2. Add Hub driver
  3. Add all sensors drivers (to update the sensor drivers on Controller filesystem)
  4. Remove the room 
  5. Add the Hub driver on the suitable room

A new property appeared in version 371 called "Automatic zone import options", allowing:

  • Add all zone sensors and all linked Drivers
  • Add only zone sensors (lighter)

If you want to only have feedback from sensors, you can select the zone sensor only.

Otherwise, if you plan to use Socket, relays etc or use some events on sensors, use the first option.


Please note before purchasing:

Sensors events are not sent by Ajax Cloud to drivers when Alarm is not armed.

When armed,  only a fraction of all events are being transmitted to the Control4 drivers. This is a limitation of the Ajax Systems API.

Events based on closed/opened sensors would not be reliable.


History updates:

V405 (hub):

  • DRIV-100 : Socket in programming
  • DRIV-101: Add a relay binding to control the wallswitch/socket
  • DRIV-102: relay driver
  • DRIV-108 : Wallswitch support
  • DRIV-109 : Relay : programming via Composer Pro also does not pulse the relay

V379 (hub): 

  • DRIV-112 : Issue disarm night mode
  • DRIV-113 : Support new Malevitch update devices

V371 (hub) & v201 (sensors):

  • DRIV-92 & DRIV-72: Multiples updates for relay/wallswitch/socket
  • DRIV-80 : Handling new events from Ajax Cloud System
  • DRIV-95 : Support for Control4 OS 3.3.0 (impact on all sensors)
  • DRIV-77 : Issue arming disarming  


  • DRIV-82 : several errors on system, including night mode


  • DRIV-81 & DRIV82: timeout, error with countdown
  • DRIV-82: removing light alarm property


  • DRIV-78 : added new OS 2.12.1 event notifications


  • DRIV-67 : add realtime support for all updates on sensors
  • DRIV-75 : Add support for Multitransmitter & Multitransmitter wired
  • DRIV-70: internal changes for Malevitch OS 2.12.1 support


  • DRIV-69 : Issue adding MotionCam Outdoors & WallSwitch
  • DRIV-70 : Error when no new events retrieved


  • Changes after OS Malevitch 2.12 update

v 261 Hub:

  • DRV-71 : Error message displayed when no new events retrieved

v 248 Hub only:

  • DRIV-61 : Decrease polling time on system


v 245 Hub only:

  • DRIV-56: Issue with Away / Night Mode arming
  • DRIV-57: Programming functions not working for arming/disarming
  • DRIV-59: zone entry and exit to remove on settings
  • DRIV-60: arming creates a partial location
  • DRIV-61: Decrease polling time on system
  • DRIV-65: Error request number exceed