Ajax Systems Hub

30 days
Version: 425


Update 07/02/2024


Despite efforts to resolve the problem with the Ajax R&D team, developer regrets to inform you, that  Diwodo will no longer be investing resources into the notification delay issue with the Ajax driver.

Updates have been done to make driver fully fuctionnal with the Malevitch OS 2.18.

As of now, the support provided by Ajax Cloud is only on :

  • arm
  • disarm
  • night mode
  • panic mode

Due to high latency on the Ajax Cloud, Diwodo is no longer able to provide frequent status updates with the sensors (fireprotect, glassprotect, motionprotect....)

 Existing licences will continue to be supported. 


This driver will no longer be sold.

Ajax Control4 driver presentation (AjaxPresentationEN.pdf, 3,334 Kb) [Download]

Driver (security_ajaxsystems_hub2.c4z, 1,041 Kb) [Download]

Update or first use


Please note before purchasing:

Sensors events are not sent by Ajax Cloud to drivers when Alarm is not armed.

When armed,  only a fraction of all events are being transmitted to the Control4 drivers. This is a limitation of the Ajax Systems API.

Events based on closed/opened sensors would not be reliable.


History updates:


  • DRIV-121: Adding support on Malevitch 2.18
  • DRIV-125: partial support of Fibra devices 


  • Proxy server migration to support more clients and filter more events to increase speed by 35%

V410 (system lite):

  • DRIV-107: Adding support on Malevitch 2.16
  • DRIV-115: partial support on new released sensors, detection of Fibra hardware
  • removing import wizard support to auto create all driver suite

V405 (hub):

  • DRIV-100 : Socket in programming
  • DRIV-101: Add a relay binding to control the wallswitch/socket
  • DRIV-102: relay driver
  • DRIV-108 : Wallswitch support
  • DRIV-109 : Relay : programming via Composer Pro also does not pulse the relay

V379 (hub): 

  • DRIV-112 : Issue disarm night mode
  • DRIV-113 : Support new Malevitch update devices

V371 (hub) & v201 (sensors):

  • DRIV-92 & DRIV-72: Multiples updates for relay/wallswitch/socket
  • DRIV-80 : Handling new events from Ajax Cloud System
  • DRIV-95 : Support for Control4 OS 3.3.0 (impact on all sensors)
  • DRIV-77 : Issue arming disarming  


  • DRIV-82 : several errors on system, including night mode


  • DRIV-81 & DRIV82: timeout, error with countdown
  • DRIV-82: removing light alarm property


  • DRIV-78 : added new OS 2.12.1 event notifications


  • DRIV-67 : add realtime support for all updates on sensors
  • DRIV-75 : Add support for Multitransmitter & Multitransmitter wired
  • DRIV-70: internal changes for Malevitch OS 2.12.1 support


  • DRIV-69 : Issue adding MotionCam Outdoors & WallSwitch
  • DRIV-70 : Error when no new events retrieved


  • Changes after OS Malevitch 2.12 update

v 261 Hub:

  • DRV-71 : Error message displayed when no new events retrieved

v 248 Hub only:

  • DRIV-61 : Decrease polling time on system


v 245 Hub only:

  • DRIV-56: Issue with Away / Night Mode arming
  • DRIV-57: Programming functions not working for arming/disarming
  • DRIV-59: zone entry and exit to remove on settings
  • DRIV-60: arming creates a partial location
  • DRIV-61: Decrease polling time on system
  • DRIV-65: Error request number exceed