Ajax Systems Hub

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Version: 248
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Exclusive features!


We inform you that Ajax Systems has changed for the last 2 weeks the way we communicate with their Cloud. 

The side effect is that it may cause high latency with information status. A case is opened at their side, for them to correct this behavior.



  • Full AJAX Systems Cloud Support
  • Pack of 9 drivers!
    • Hub series driver
    • FireProtect Contact driver (Fire sensor, CO...)
    • GlassProtect Contact driver (Window break sensor)
    • Keypad Plus driver (all keypads)
    • LeakProtect Contact driver (Water sensor)
    • MotionProtect Contact driver (Motion sensor)
    • Relay Plus driver (relay & power supplys)
    • Universal Contact driver (door sensors etc)
    • Added:Group action Experience button (allows to arm/disarm a group) v210
  • 100% automatic driver additions and binding in Control4 system once Hub is connected!!!
  • Thermostat driver for all devices embedded to retrieve local temperature
  • Experience button for all devices to display status
  • 18+ Programming events for all contacts/relays
  • Virtual Keypad support
  • Zones display  also on Locks & sensors 

And many other features!

Drivers updated : 9th September 2021

- Hub series driver


- FireProtect driver



- LeakProtect driver


- GlassProtect contact driver


 - MotionProtect Contact driver



-Universal Contact driver



- KeypadPlus driver


- RelayPlus driver



 Please note that an extra step is required to allow automatic driver add and binding (Download AJAX Presentation for details or see Hub driver documentation)

 play.png?1623327571380See videos on Youtube





Ajax Control4 driver presentation (AjaxPresentationEN.pdf, 3,334 Kb) [Download]

Full Driver Pack (ajax_driverpack-updated-AJAX_HUB_1_3_ONLINE.zip, 13,469 Kb) [Download]

History updates:

v 261 Hub:

  • DRV-71 : Error message displayed when no new events retrieved

v 248 Hub only:

  • DRIV-61 : Decrease polling time on system


v 245 Hub only:

  • DRIV-56: Issue with Away / Night Mode arming
  • DRIV-57: Programming functions not working for arming/disarming
  • DRIV-59: zone entry and exit to remove on settings
  • DRIV-60: arming creates a partial location
  • DRIV-61: Decrease polling time on system
  • DRIV-65: Error request number exceed