Nuki Smart Lock (Multi) (v2.0, v3.0, Pro)

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Version: 300
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Nuki Smart Lock driver for Control4

Now supporting Nuki Smart Lock v3.0 and Multi-Lock on the same Bridge!

Smart Lock v3.0 Pro is also supported but still require a bridge as the Nuki API only work through the bridge.

A simple but useful driver to allow integrating one or multiple Nuki Smart Locks into Control4. This affordable Smart Lock work on many type of door, even multi-point! The setup is straight forward and DOES NOT REQUIRE you to create an account or use any cloud service.

Nuki Locks are available worldwide from their Webstore at the following URL:

You may be able to order the Nuki lock from many other webstores.

PLEASE NOTE that the product is based in Europe so their device may use the European plug, their device are multi-voltage and can be used worldwide but you may need a travel adapter to plug it into a North American socket.

Features summary:

  • Plug and Play installation
  • Work with multiple door lock type, including Mulitpoint (see Installation Check tab)
  • No cloud! 100% local, 100% reliable.
  • Auto-Devices discovery
  • Multi-lock support (make sure they're all in range of the Bridge!)
  • Bidirectional communication and feedback

Nuki Smart Locks Supported:

Smart Lock 2.0 and 3.0

Other Nuki devices such as keypad and fob are not supported because they are not exposed by the Nuki API.


This driver uses Plain Token authentication method which is not encrypted. It is recommended to use it only on a secure Wi-Fi with no WAN access.

Also IP change monitoring is not available so it's highly recommended to set a DHCP Reservation for your Nuki Bridges.

Driver Suite (, 181 Kb) [Download]

Documentation (Nuki_Smart_Lock_v3_Control4_Driver_Documentation.pdf, 206 Kb) [Download]