Proluxe Spektrum+ Smart Lighting

Chowmain LTD
30 days
Version: 20231016


Proluxe by American Lighting is dedicated to providing top-quality lighting for smart home integration. Now fully compatible with Control4, the award winning Spektrum+ Smart Lighting System gives users the power to paint their home in color and light, all with the touch of a button. Light up your home with RGB+TW downlights, tape lights, neon strip lights, outdoor landscape and sconce lights, as well as smart bulbs in standard lamp sizes like A19 and BR30. With the Spektrum+ Gateway-E, use Control4 to create schedules, make custom programs, and control everything from color selection to brightness.

This free driver enables Control4 OS 3.4.0 or later to communicate with American Lighting's range of products using the Spektrum+ Gateway

Note This solution is cloud based and as such requires an active internet connection for operation.


  • Sponsored driver so it is FREE.
  • Bi-directional control and feedback
  • Cloud based integration
  • Import of all American lighting and PIR Sensors from the customer account
  • On / Off control
  • Brightness control
  • Color Temperature control
  • RGB Color control
  • Advanced Lighting Scene Support
  • Color Wheel Support
  • Preset Control, including support for Dim-To-Warm/Color Fade


What devices will this work with?

This driver has been developed and tested to support the following Spektrum devices.

  • LIGHT (dimmable + RGB/W devices + On/off)
  • SENSORS (Motion, etc)
  • GENERIC (Future devices)

All Devices must be linked to a Spektrum+ Gateway to operate via Control4

How does this communicate?

This agent communicates to American Lighting's cloud server which communicates to American Lighting's range of products via their Spektrum+ Gateway

Can I Group Lights in Control4?

At this time (April 2023), Control4 does not provide native Light Load group support of Colorwheel based lights. As an alternative, you can use the Chowmain Light Group driver to group lights and control as a single light

Driver Download (, 7,725 Kb) [Download]

Version 20231016 - 2023-OCT-16

  • Initial Release