Lutron RadioRa Classic Control4 Driver

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Cinegration LLC
Version: 1001
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A serial driver is designed to connect a Control4 system to a RadioRa Classic (v1) lighting system via Chronos or RS232 bridge.


  • Create Control4 Custom Lighting Scenes or use Ra’s existing lighting scenes in Control4
  • Provide Light State Feed Back to Navigator
  • Creates lights in Control4 programming/Navigator for individual light control (just like a normal C4 switch!) 
  • Turn On/Off any light connected to the system
  • Incorporate Control4 and Ra Dimmers into the same Lighting scenes
  • Engage Security Flash Mode On/Off via Programming



  • RadioRa Classic RS232 Bridge or RadioRa Classic Chronos

Driver is provided by Cinegration LLC.  All rights reserved.

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Purpose of Driver:

     Customers that have RadioRa classic systems in there house can now use this driver to integrate the RadioRa system into a Control4 system.  This allows the installer to expand the capabilities of existing homes without having to replace the current RadioRa equipment in home.


Driver Features:

ñ Main Driver

◦  Lighting Scene/Phantom Button Execution

▪  Under Programming Tab, an Installer can now engage all 17 Lighting scenes located in a RadioRa 1 system

◦  Lighting Scene/Phantom Button Execution with Fade

▪  The same as a normal execution but with a Fade sequence with it

◦  Advance Command Feature

▪  This allows an experienced dealer to send custom RS232 commands directly to the RadioRa system. (Note: all commands must end with a \r)

◦  Security Flash and Solid Mode Execution

▪  This will send the RadioRa system into the security flash or solid mode state from Composer programming

ñ Slave Light Driver (Dimmer/Switch/Graphic Eye)

◦  Allows dealer to turn on/off individual lights in the program from any Control4 navigator

◦  Dimming support is now enabled (note: RadioRa does not 'transmit' current dimmer level so the Control4 driver will display the last available level when viewing dimmer level in navigator. 

◦  Light State Feedback via all Control4 interfaces

◦  Compatible with RadioRa dimmers, switches, and GraphicEye devices

ñ Slave Keypad Driver

◦  Allows dealer to use RadioRa master controls (keypads, contact closures etc...) in Control4 programming

◦  LED state change and updating LED state (non RadioRa controlling buttons only) to update




Installation Procedure:

     It is recommended that a Lutron specialist help you with setup if you unsure how to do any of this.  The installer must 'bind' all the lights to 'zone numbers' on the Chronos or RS232 bridge (this is typically not done during a normal RadioRa installation).  The address are listed 1 - 32 for each 'system'.  If using a Chronos you can assign up to 64 lights by using both 'systems'. 

ñ RadioRa (Chronos Setup)

◦  Press the Home Icon

▪  Press Menu

ñ Scroll Down to RS232 Setup and select, Select Device Number Setup

ñ Choose either System 1 (first 32 Light switches) or System 2 (second 32 switches)

ñ Select Assign Zone Numbers

◦  The next screen will show if the zone is assigned (note: it will not tell you which zone is assigned so please make sure you write this down and save the file)

◦  Choose a zone number and press the dimmer or switch you want to assign to that zone number and record in your notes

◦  If successful, the zone number will say successful, press continue and assign zone number until they are all assigned

▪  When done press the home icon to exit

ñ RadioRA (RS232 Bridge Setup)

◦  Simultaneously press and hold the Up and Down buttons until the Select LED turns ON and U I appears on the display (approximately 3 seconds).

▪  Press and release the Select button repeatedly until U 2 appears on the display. After 3 seconds, the display will begin alternately flashing the Zone Number currently being programmed and U 2. The Select LED will remain ON.

▪  Press and hold the Up or Down button to select the Zone Number you want to program.

▪  Assign a Dimmer or Switch to the displayed Zone Number by turning the Dimmer or Switch ON or OFF. Or Assign a GRAFIK Eye Control Unit to the displayed Zone Number by changing scene of the GRAFIK Eye Control Unit.

▪  Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for any remaining Zone Numbers you wish to assign.

◦  Simultaneously press and hold the Up and Down buttons until all the LEDs begin to flutter (approximately 3 seconds).  This will exit out of RadioRA programming

ñ Control4 Driver Setup

◦  Main Driver Setup

▪  Once the RS232 binding has been made, Under Actions, press Turn on ZMP.  This will tell the RadioRa system to transmit light state changes to the Control4 driver

◦  Slave Device Setup (Dimmer/Switch/GraphicEye)

▪  If it has not already been added to the project, please add under others - Lutron RadioRA Classic Main Driver to the project.  Verify that the RadioRa Link under Connections has been made between this driver and the main driver.

▪  Under Properties

ñ Set the proper system for this light (this should be S1 for system bridge projects.  Refer to the Lutron RadioRA 1 manual for more information on multi-systems)

ñ Set the proper address for this light

ñ Choose whether this light is a dimmer, switch or GraphicEye.  If this is a Graphic Eye, the Dimmer Turn On Level is the 'scene' that will fire for the on state.  Example: Dimmer Turn On Level = 1, then Scene 1 will fire when the graphic eye needs to turn on.  You will be able to fire any scene in Composer programming.

ñ Once this is done the driver should be ready for deployment.




ñ Bridged System - A system is considered 'bridged' when a Chronos System Bridge and Time-clock is used to integrate two RadioRA Systems in a single residence

ñ Zone Number - Zone Numbers can be used to identify any individual zone (one Dimmer, Switch, GraphicEye Interface, or Sivoia Control) in your RadioRA System via the RS232 Interface or Chronos System Bridge and Time-clock.

ñ Lighting Scene 16 is an ALL OFF SCENE

ñ Lighting Scene 17 is an ALL ON SCENE

ñ This driver contains code written by Cinegration.  Any modification to this driver or any driver written by Cinegration without the express consent will void all warranties, constitute a ban on all drivers released by Cinegration and potentially legal action.

ñ This driver has been designed to work with Control4® System and higher



     Cinegration strives to provide fully working drivers without defects.  However, changes and bugs may be found.  Because of this, any bug/maintenance update to this driver will be free of charge.  However, due to the ever changing nature of computer and audio/video systems, if a new version of the Control4® software creates issues with this driver, or feature enhancements, an upgrade version will be provided for an additional expense or free as determined by Cinegration LLC.


Thank you for choosing a driver By: Cinegration LLC.

  • 1001
    • migration to driverCentral
    • Added switch driver.  Lighting driver with only on/off.  No set_level
  •  8.0.3
    • Added support for Cinegration Showroom License
  •  8.0.2
    • Added Has Fade property to light driver.  This allows a dealer to disable the 'fade' property when sending level updates to RadioRa.  Some RadioRa systems fail to adjust the lights if this was enabled.
    • Added ability to replace old .c4i file with new .c4z file
  •  8.0.1
    • Fixed issue where some serial settings were not correctly set
  •  8.0.0
    • Release to HouseLogix

VERSION 8.0.3:

  :: Added support for Cinegration Showroom License