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Version: 20240619
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Over the last decade, Lightwave has helped pioneer a revolution in home heating, lighting and power control: the ‘smart home’. Just a few years ago, the idea that your home could be enhanced by smartphone apps or voice control may have seemed out of reach, but with Lightwave it is here today.

Lightwave devices look smart and act smart. Behind the sleek exterior, built-in wireless technology allows all of our devices to communicate, via the Lightwave Link Plus hub

Lightwave is a modular system, so you can start with just a single device, or control a whole appartment suite. All you need to get started is their smart hub: the Link Plus

Lightwave is simple to install as it is based on ‘retrofit’ technology which uses the same wiring and backboxes as standard fittings. Once installed, dimmers and sockets can be operated using traditional manual buttons as well as bi-directional control through Control4 using the Chowmain Lightwave driver.  

Driver Features


Why is this product so exciting?

  • Lightwave provides some pretty unique devices for the UK and EU markets. For example they have recessed in-wall outlets with both EU and UK plugs. It also provides wireless battery operated radiator valve control as well. See brochure below for information about Lightwave products.

  • Wire-Free Switches and Wired Dimmer buttons can be utilised in Control4 programming to fire tap, push and release programming (eg all off button, volume ramping, etc).

Brochure & Cases Studies PDF Download

How does Lightwave Work?

Lightwave utilises proprietary RF to communicate between their devices. The Lightwave Link Plus hub allows communiction of their devices with the outside world. Lightwave provided us with some training slides that help explain the fundamentals of their product.

Lightwave Pro PDF Download

Isn't Lightwave RF one-way?

Previous versions were one-way.  The current hardware is bi-directional. In fact we get instantaneous feedback from their devices.  For example their Magnetic Trigger, motion sensor and wire-free switch devices fires immediately on change.

Does this driver work with v1 devices?
The Link Plus hub integrates the v1 devices and as such our driver works with the v1 devices. The driver does not integrate the older hub.

Is there anything we need to be made aware of?

The driver requires internet connectivity for control as it communicates via the Lightwave RF cloud servers.

How do i become a Lightwave recommended installer?

Lightwave's established network of PRO installers are experts on how to install and configure Lightwave products. If you are a qualified electrician who is looking to broaden your home automation offering, you can sign up for the next free training webinar and be eligible to become a Lightwave PRO.

See PDF for more information

Where can i buy this product from?

You can purchase lightwave from the following retailers



  • Apple Store

  • Amazon

  • John Lewis

  • Currys PC World

  • ScrewFix

  • Costco

  • BT Shop

  • B&Q

  • Wickes

  • Selfridges & Co

  • Stormfront

  • Robert Dyas


  • Lightwave

You can also purchase the product from the following UK wholesalers

  • CEF

  • Rexel

  • Edmundson

  • Electric Center

  • Medlock

Alternatively you can search for your local stockist

Do you offer showroom discounts?

We offer dealers a free showroom licence for demonstration and educational purposes.  See link below for T&C's and signup procedure.

Chowmain Dealer Showroom FAQ

I want to try this driver out before buying it?
All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 90 day trial.  Just add the driverCentral licencing driver and this driver and you're good to go.  No registration required.

Do you offer other drivers?

We have hundreds of drivers.  Many of which are manufacturer sponsored and free.  Please visit our website to view all available drivers including FREE drivers.

Version #20240619 - 19-JUN-2024

  • Fixed issue with relay device types not showing up incorrect binding

Version #20240612 - 12-JUN-2024

  • Added support for L82MK2

Version #20240103 - 03-JAN-2024

  • Fixed issue effecting L40MK2 not detecting. Added function so that future devices that are not natively supported will appear as sockets.

Version #20230808 - 08-AUG-2023

  • Fixed issue effecting L54 wire-free switches not detecting.

Version #20230418 - 18-APR-2023

  • Added support for L51, L52, L53, L54 wire-free switches.
  • Added keypad bindings for tap, push/release for button pushes on wire-free switches and dimmers
  • Added support for L21MK3, L22MK3,L23MK3,L24MK3 devices

Version #20230417 - 17-APR-2023

  • Added support for L70MK2 smart motion sensor and L81 relay with switch sense input devices

Version #20230320 - 20-MAR-2023

  • Upgrade to new Communication Stack (LinkPlus)
  • Upgrade Debugging (All)
  • Improve Diagnostics (LinkPlus)
  • Fix Bug where token refresh failure on first load won't initiate refresh attempt on reload (LinkPlus)

Version #20230216 - 16-FEB-2023

  • Added support for L42MK3 and LP40 devices

Version #20230120 - 20-JAN-2023

  • Improve Diagnostics (All)
  • Low Level Performance improvements for OS3.X (All)
  • Upgrade Internal Documentation to new system (All)

Version #20221219 - 19-DEC-2022

  • Upgrade to new Diagnostics system with Submit Diagnostics, and automatic troubleshooting

Version #20220428 – 28-APR-2022

  • Added support for L92 heater switch. It is now combined with the radiator valve driver as both are
    similar functionality wise.
  • If cloud service is offline for some reason the driver will scale back reconnection attempts.

Version #20220221 – 21-FEB-2022

  • Fixed issue effecting schedules on Sunday. Note that you will need to recreate Sunday schedules for fix to take effect.
  • Added Type F (EU) and Type G (UK) power outlet icons to socket driver as options. You can now chose the icon type via drop down in the driver’s properties.

Version #20211112 – 12-NOV-2021

  • Improve Debugging

Version #20210416 – 16-APR-2021

  • Fixed issue with websocket reconnecting when it does not need to reconnect

Version #20210326 – 26-MAR-2021

  • Updated to new Lightwave Authentication

Version #20210202 - 02-FEB-2021

  • Fixed issue effecting schedules not firing for HVAC devices.
  • Updated driverCentral licencing.

Version #20200924 - 24-SEP-2020

  • Fixed issue with schedules not firing for HVAC devices.
  • Added support for Magnetic Trigger devices. Bind these to any contact closure input in Control4 (eg Door, Garage Door, Window, etc).

Version #20200911 - 11-SEP-2020

  • Implemented websockets for instant feedback

Version #20200909 - 09-SEP-2020

  • Fixed issue resolving bindings not being recreated on driver init

Version #20200825 - 25-AUG-2020

  • Added support for older connect series dimmers

Version #20200730 - 30-JUL-2020

  • Initial Release