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Version: 1101
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This driver manages up to 7 ‘Virtual Pages’ (A to G) of keypad buttons for a single keypad, plus an optional Menu page.  This is easily managed by the user, and it allows a lot more power and flexibility in defining the usage of keypad buttons. 

Specifically, the following functions are available: 

  • Ability to have up to 7 ‘virtual’ pages for each keypad, thus significantly expanding the number of buttons available.
  • An optional Menu page is also available for easier navigation
  • Pages can be selected by the user (navigation) or via Programming and Actions
  • Keypad LEDs are managed automatically based on the Page selected, Color properties and the state of connected devices
  • The keypad may automatically revert to the Menu page or to Page A after a selectable timeout
  • All keypad button actions and ‘clients’ are supported
  • (*NEW*) Slave keypads may be controlled by a master keypad so that they are synchronized
  • Special normally hidden pages may be activated easily, such as Guests, Party or Support.
  • An Up/Down Tracking facility is available to have the Up and Down buttons track to the last button pressed with optional LED feedback
  • When Tracking, an optional 8th button is available via simultaneously pressing the Up and Down buttons (Domosapiens exclusive)
  • A Special Double Tap facility is available to simplify Single Tap/Double Tap processing
  • (*NEW*) A Night Mode (activated by programming) allows the keypad to be dark until a key is pressed.
  • (*NEW*) The keypad’s Backlight may be managed by the driver and optionally used to indicate which page is currently active.
  • Page names may be specified for easier reference in Connections, Programming and Actions
  • An additional passthrough (ALL) Connection is always available, regardless of the Page selected
  • Supports the Domosapiens Keypad Load Simulator driver for simpler programming.

Documentation (Keypad_Pages_Driver_Documentation.pdf, 244 Kb) [Download]

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The documentation (PDF) may be downloaded separately - see the Downloads tab.

10.0.0  Initial Release (October 3, 2022)

10.1.0  Total pages may be 7, new Number of Pages property, issue fixed with Custom Colors (November 9, 2022)

10.2.0  Support for the Keypad Load Simulator driver (free license when this driver purchased) (March 19, 2023)

11.0.0  Several improvements in Navigation, Page Indication and ability to control other keypads, added Night Mode and Backlight management (July 8, 2023)

11.0.1  Minor issues fixed (January 5, 2024)