Chowmain Light Group

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Chowmain LTD
Version: 20230518
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Chowmain Light Group allows lights by any manufacturer (including OS3.3 ColorWheel lighting) to be grouped together and operated simultaneously from a single light driver, instead of requiring Advanced Lighting Scenes.

This is beneficial as an example for systems where multiple lightstrips or bulbs are used for a certain area and need to be the same color at all times, or for easier room lighting control.

This driver does not rely on driver Load Group support and supports both Pre-OS3.3 lightv2 lighting, and OS3.3 lightv2 lighting with ColorWheel. The original (and mostly unused) light (v1) proxies are NOT supported

OS 3.3.2 or later is required to use this driver


  • Enables the grouping of lights into a single light
  • Advanced Lighting Scene Support
  • Brand Agnostic. Group together Shelly with Hue, LIFX, Yeelight, or even Control4 lights.
  • Add Custom Extras to your group lights which can fire custom programming and Events
  • Ability to change modes between Color Temp and Hue
  • Turn on light automatically during color changes
  • CCT Capabilities Auto-Detection (Manual selection is also supported)
  • CCT Tracking via Percentage scaling, or the closest Kelvin Level
  • Emulate CCT using Color
  • Track Brightness via
    • Average brightness
    • Use the brightess light
    • Use the dimmest Light
    • Use a selected light
    • Or ignore Brightness from connected Lights
  • Track Color/CCT Via
    • Average Color
    • Use a selected light
    • Or ignore Color from connected Lights
    • Button Links suitable for Control4 Compatible Keypads to control Brightness, CCT, and Color


Why is this product so exciting?

  • This driver allows you to group together different brands of lights and control them as a single light in Control4. So is perfect for people with multiple lighting systems at home. It no longer matters if you have a mixture of Shelly and Wiz in the same room as an example. You can control both simultaneously as though they are interconnected
  • Or, in most scenarios, you may have multiple strip lights you want to treat as a single strip, but previously couldn't because of the power requirements
  • Enhance a group of drivers, or single drivers with CCT, Brightness or Hue control from any Configurable keypad (or any other BUTTON_LINK capable driver, such as Bond SideKick, or Shelly I4)
  • Add Daylight Agent Support to almost any OS3.3 CCT-capable driver which does not yet offer this capability
  • There are times when you want to limit functionality (dimmer to on/off only for example). This driver will allow you to do that.
  • Easily Execute Events via our powerful Custom Extras functionality from the Extras interface of the light.

What are the Minimum Requirements for this driver?

  • Control4 OS 3.3.2 or later is required to operate this driver.
  • HC-XXX Series controllers are not supported

What hardware will this work on?

  • This driver is designed to be generic and work with any OS 3.3.0 light driver.
  • This has been tested with many lighting drivers including TP-Link, LIFX, Shelly and Phillips Hue.

Are there any other considerations?

  • This driver works best for grouping lights of the same brand together. Some light brands may have different behaviors or require additional configuration which may lead to slightly different behaviors between them

Do you offer showroom discounts?
We offer dealers a free showroom licence for demonstration and educational purposes.  See link below for T&C's and signup procedure.

Chowmain Dealer Showroom FAQ

I want to try this driver out before buying it?
All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 90 day trial.  Just add the driverCentral licencing driver and this driver and you're good to go.  No registration required.

Do you offer other drivers?

We have hundreds of drivers.  Many of which are manufacturer sponsored and free.  Please visit our website to view all available drivers including FREE drivers.

Version 20230518 - 18-MAY-2023

  • Button Link LED Status was incorrect for On/off (Toggle was correct) - Thanks Matt Lowe
  • Default CCT / Color Feedback Setting is invalid (but appears correct on Interface). This may have broken Color Feedback for some people -- Thanks Scott Helder

Version 20230404 - 03-APR-2023

  • Support for CCT Emulation using Color. This enables basic CCT support for lights that do not support CCT natively (such as the Shelly RGBW2), and therefore, also allows them to be used for Daylight Agent

  • Add Support For Custom Extras. Similar to our V2 Generic Light Driver, you can now add custom extras to your interface which fires Events which can trigger programming. Generally, this might be used for executing specific ALS scenes or create custom actions that may be built into the light themselves

  • Ability to automatically start Custom Extra Actions when driver or controller is restarted

Version 20230330 - 30-MAR-2023

  • On / Toggle Command should use Default On brightness, not send an ON command to devices - Thanks Chris Cooley
  • On / Toggle Command on Button Bindings should use Default On Brightness, not ON Command - Thanks Chris Cooley
  • Fix Button Action handling for On / Toggle Command - Thanks Chris Cooley
  • Use Click Rates for Button Bindings
  • Link Buttons should be consistent

Version 20230323 - 23-MAR-2023

  • Initial release