Advanced Lighting Group

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Domosapiens Inc.
Version: 1030
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This driver manages lighting groups and offers significantly more functionality and flexibility compared to the standard Dimmer Load Group drivers.  This driver also gives you a different approach to managing lights as a group, compared to using Advanced Lighting Scenes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: please pay attention below to the distinction between ‘controlling’ and ‘controlled’.

Characteristics of this advanced driver: 

  • Controls a group of lighting dimmers, switches, as well as up to ten selectable Advanced Lighting Scenes, based on controlling events: 
  • Its Light in Navigators is operated (uses the dimmer model)
  • A controlling dimmer or switch is turned ON or OFF (several may be specified)
  • A connected keypad button is used (Top, Bottom, Toggle)
  • Its Controlling Contact (in Connections) is activated or deactivated
  •  Allows you to specify controlling dimmers and switches separately from controlled dimmers/switches/Scenes. 
  • Minimum ON levels may be specified for a controlling dimmer before controlled switches are turned ON and Advanced Lighting Scenes are ACTIVATED. 
  • The Group is turned OFF when either one or all controlling dimmers/switches are turned OFF. 
  • Ramping of controlled dimmers is supported (but optional) when holding a keypad button, with 5 to 20 steps between full OFF and full ON. 
  • The driver allows for controlled dimmers/switches/Scenes to be operated individually. Thus, a Group may be considered ON, OFF or MIXED and appropriate feedback is provided. 
  • Advanced Lighting Scenes are fully supported, and the driver directly interfaces with the Advanced Lighting Agent. The driver itself may even be included in an Advanced Lighting Scene, but use this carefully to avoid circular references. 
  • A programming command is available to flash the Group (controlled dimmers/switches/Scenes): 
  • Start and stop flashing
  • Flash only once, twice or three times
  • Flash once, twice or three times repeatedly until stopped (useful for user notifications)

Driver Download (, 990 Kb) [Download]

See PDF Documentation included in the download file.

10.0.0  Initial Release (September 4, 2020)

10.1.0  Several minor issues fixed (February 9, 2021)

10.2.0  Issue fixed with ramping, documentation enhanced (May 10, 2021)

10.3.0  Added Default Level property, removed Properties area, issues fixed (August 14, 2021)