KNX Read

30 days
Version: 22100104


This driver allows you to send a read command to a KNX IP Gateway, so you can “ask” for values. You can program the action of reading when an event occurs, or set it to periodically read them.


  • KNX Tunneling Gateway (Routing Gateway wasn’t tested yet)
  • KNX Network Version Driver: +22



  • Any number of group addresses can be set.
  • Read action can be triggered by programming.
  • Periodically reading can be enabled.
  • Time span can be from 1 to 1440 minutes (1 day).


Note: This driver DOES NOT store any value, only indicate to the gateway to send a READ command to the KNX bus. If the KNX device responds to that reading command, It is supposed that that value will be grabbed by another device/driver for their use.

Note 2: Be careful with the use of this driver, you could overload the KNX bus and/or the IP Gateway if you send to read a large amount of group addresses in a short time. 


This is a free driver! The support is limited. 

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22100104 - Initial Release