Enhanced Countdown Timer

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Version: 1002
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A new, significantly Enhanced Countdown Timer driver, inspired by the original Control4 driver 

  1. Countdown units may now be ‘Seconds’, ‘Hours’ or ‘Days’ in addition to ‘Minutes’.
  2. A specific time of day may be specified for triggering when ‘Days’ are used.
  3. A new optional UI facility is provided to cancel the countdown and/or cycle the times again while running.  
  4. A new programming command and a keypad connection are available to Cancel countdown.
  5. UI feedback is provided when the countdown actually starts.
  6. A new 'Countdown Cancel' event is triggered when the countdown is cancelled (instead of the normal ‘Countdown Off’).
  7. A new 'Countdown Start' event is available.
  8. By default, countdowns are restarted automatically upon Director reboot or driver update.  This may be modified via a property.
  9. A new MINUTES_LEFT variable is continuously updated during countdown.
  10. A new output CONTACT_SENSOR is activated when the countdown is running.

The driver is controlled by an Experience Button and/or a keypad button and/or programming to select a delay and start the countdown.  Several events are triggered at the start, the end and during the countdown itself.  A relay and a Contact Sensor output are also activated while the countdown is going on.

Driver Download (Enhanced_Countdown_Timer_V10.0.2.zip, 3,232 Kb) [Download]

Documentation is included with the download package.

10.0.0  Initial release (June 2, 2021)

10.0.2  Issues fixed with timer resume upon restart (July 21, 2021)