Domaudeo Multisystem (Airbnb/Country Home Solution)

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Version: 111
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This driver allows monitoring of a single or multiple remote Control4 systems from another Control4 system by cloning devices. A cloned device will receive real time updates when the source device state changes and remote system can also control devices, just as it is a local device.

Can clone lights, thermostats, contacts, relays and door locks. Communication is bidirectional, any linked system can clone device to the other one.



This driver use direct IP communication and no cloud service or external server is required. Although the communication is encrypted, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to port forward an exposed port on the Internet.

The installer is responsible to implement a secure VPN or other solution that will ensure a secure communication path between the two controllers.


Features summary:

  • Manage your country home system from the same app instance as your main house
  • Perfect for Airbnb or rental property
  • Allow the monitored system to be kept stand alone for reliable operation even with network outage
  • Bidirectional and Real time update of all monitored "cloned" devices
  • Also allow custom events to be used to trigger anything on the remote system
  • Reliable direct IP communication with no cloud service or account required
  • TCP/IP or RS-232 for communication, IP Communication is encrypted
  • Can clone devices to multiple remote systems (using multiple instance of the driver)
  • Compatible with older C4OS versions and controllers such as the HC-250



  • Does not allow direct control over A/V device such as TV or Streaming Services, but you can still trigger A/V-related event using a Custom Event
  • Cannot clone Security Panel, but you can monitor every zone by cloning the corresponding contact device.
  • Clone Light Devices cannot be part of a scene on the remote system

Documentation (Multi-System_Driver_Guide.pdf, 1,027 Kb) [Download]