Device Renamer

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Version: 20230619
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Note: The device renamer driver requires you to use the drivers properties to rename a device.  You must select the device to rename and then pick the name and set that to rename the device.  There is no “right click” functionality of the driver.


Dealers – Ever wish you could just let a customer that is already fluent with Composer HE also have the power to rename devices? Hate getting the calls to rename Living Room Light to Ceiling light or customers that want everything to be plural? or change TV to television. Here is your answer!

Customers – You ever wish you didn’t have to call your dealer for every little thing? Already fluent with Composer HE and just want to have a little more power?

Here is the answer to both parties wishes – a driver to allow Composer HE to be able to rename devices.


  • Rename devices via programming
  • Refresh navigators via programming
  • Rename devices in Composer HE
  • Composer HE
  • Control4 OS 2.5.3