Enhanced Scheduler

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Janus Technology
Version: 108
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Available on the Control4 iOS and Android apps!


Enhanced Scheduler introduces an entirely new way to schedule events in Control4. No longer will end-users have to use Composer Home edition to add any scheduling to their project - Enhanced Scheduler allows them to do this from any Control4 UI*, or web browser.

You can schedule any advanced lighting scene, thermostat preset or system macro that exists in your project, and use the rich set of repeat options to tailor the experience to your liking. Want to turn on a lighting scene on Easter morning every year? With Enhanced Scheduler this couldn't be easier!

* iOS and Android apps require OS3.2+




What can I schedule?

You can schedule any advanced lighting scene, project macro, or thermostat preset.


I have sensitive macros configured - can I stop the end user from inadvertantly triggering these?

You can - using the driver property Macro Availability Prefix, define some characters that indicate a Macro that is available for scheduling.

e.g. `S_` will allow the macro `S_BlindsOpen` to be scheduled, but not `BlindsOpen`.

To allow all macros, simply leave this property blank.


What repeat options are available?

  • Single Day - this schedule action will only occur once.
  • Day of Week - this schedule action will occur every week, on the days that have been chosen.
  • Yearly - this schedule action will occur every year on the same day.
  • Every Day this Holiday - this schedule action will occur on the named holiday every year. This is useful for holidays which change date - such as Easter.

For the options Day of Week and Every Day this Holiday, you can choose exceptions; these are dates in the schedule in which the event should not occur.


Driver Download (Control4_EnhancedScheduler_v108_DriverCentral.zip, 12,076 Kb) [Download]


Enhanced Scheduler for Control4

Version 108
Date 20-12-2021

- Initial Version

- N/A