KNX Thermostats Keeper

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Version: 23070801
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There are several KNX thermostats that, when rebooted (due to a KNX power supply reset, general power outage, etc.), they lose their previous configuration. This can cause various issues, such as changing the previously configured setpoint to the 'default' one while no one is at home, potentially causing discomfort for the customer upon their arrival. This driver introduces a 'monitoring' tool for tracking the KNX status and recording the thermostat settings when everything is normal. When the driver detects a KNX bus offline, it will save this data until the KNX is online again. After detecting that the bus is online, it will wait for a configurable time before restoring all the previous configurations.



  • Four options for monitoring the KNX system (see the docs for more info):
    • KNX Tunneling Gateway Status
    • KNX Bus Power Sensing
    • Polling Group Address
    • Manual
  • Saves thermostats settings across Control4 reboots.
  • Configurable time between the online event and the thermostats restore.
  • Save on History Agent the different events.
  • Available events triggering for custom programming, such as KNX Online, KNX Offline, Thermostats restored events.
  • Several instances of this driver could be used on the project: An instance of the driver should be use in each KNX line of the project.




More information, examples and important info is provided on driver documentation.


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23070801 - Initial Release